Hundreds of gun owners in San Diego turn in their weapons

Hundreds of people in San Diego County have turned in their firearms to authorities as part of the annual Guns for Gift Cards program.

SoCal takes shots at the NRA, shows little support on social media

Wayne LaPierre imagined aloud about "the shocking headlines you'll print tomorrow " seemingly unaware of what was being typed and transmitted at that very moment.

Medi-Cal patients sue over being forced into managed care

Advocates say California health officials put seriously ill people at risk in a rush to shift seniors and disabled patients into managed care. The state says it's working to provide efficient health care.

Jerry Brown warns Medi-Cal expansion could hurt California

Expanding California's Medi-Cal program to meet new federal guidelines could add up to $4 billion a year in costs, potentially putting the budget "right out of whack," Gov. Jerry Brown said.

Supporters of TRUST Act meet with Governor Brown's staff for first time

The state bill called the TRUST Act would require local law enforcement to release undocumented immigrants who’ve been arrested once they post bond, as long as they have no serious convictions.

Chart: California's gun control efforts vs federal gun laws

California has a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases. There is no federal waiting period. Learn some more differences between US law and the Golden State.

DMV 2013: New laws and old plates

A look at some of the new California Department of Motor Vehicles laws that will take effect beginning Jan. 1, 2013.

New CA prisons chief described as nerdy, politically savvy

If confirmed, Jeffrey Beard will lead one of the largest prison systems in the nation, rattled by transition and mired in politics.

Governor nominates California's new head of prisons

Governor Jerry Brown today nominated a new Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation on Wednesday.

Free wireless service for low income Californians

The Public Utilities Commission has given provisional approval to the program, which is seen as a big help to the homeless.

Study: Little post-election change in perception of Mormonism

A new report suggests that the presidential election did little to change Americans’ public opinion of the Mormon faith. even after Mitt Romney's run for president.

UC suspends new logo after protests (poll)

University senior vice president for external relations Daniel Dooley announced Friday that the logo will be looked at again in due course.

First transsexual to play college basketball as man and woman in CA

Gabrielle Ludwig, a member of the Mission College women's basketball team in Santa Clara, is reportedly the first transsexual to play college hoops as both a man and a woman.

Large earthquake off Southern California coast Friday

The U.S. Geological Survey says a large earthquake has struck in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California and Mexico.

Recession factors into California’s modest population growth

Economy, lower birth rates and fewer people moving in keeps state population growth below one percent.

Census Bureau releases data on indigenous Latin American groups

The US Census is starting to track indigenous Hispanic populations more closely. For many, identity rests on their indigenous heritage, not where they are from.