TRUST Act to be reintroduced 2 months after Gov. Brown vetoed it

A state lawmaker plans to introduce a new version of a bill that would bar police from turning over undocumented immigrants for deportation, except in serious criminal cases.

PETA sues Southern California eatery for serving foie gras

Hot's Kitchen may have found a loophole: Buy the restaurant's "THE" Burger and receive a free side of the banned dish during your meal.

Prop 8: Supreme Court to consider same-sex marriage ban case (poll)

The U.S. Supreme Court will discuss California's Proposition 8 behind closed doors on Friday and may decide to review the controversial case.

Can new director get California’s state parks back in the green?

Major General Anthony L. Jackson has just been sworn in as director of California’s department of Parks and Recreation. How does he plan to rehabilitate the beleaguered department?

Huell Howser is retiring: An Off-Ramp remembrance

His shows told the stories of thousands of Californians and helped millions more learn about California's history. He's reportedly retiring, but he's left his mark on the state.

Despite being a sin, some US Muslims struggle with alcoholism

Muslims consider alcohol sinful, or haraam. Despite this belief, some contend with alcohol abuse. And there’s a lack of culturally sensitive programs to address it.

Friend or fowl: Giving table-bound turkeys a second chance

This Thanksgiving, will you be eating a turkey or eating with it? Farm Sanctuary suggests the latter, but says making the large bird a pet takes effort.

LA County overcharged cities, court rules

The court found the county has not properly dispensed property tax revenues since 2006. The ruling could affect other counties that use the same formula.

The desert tortoise has backup in the US Marines

Since 2006, the Marines and UCLA have worked together to reestablish the desert tortoise population, which faces threats from both wildlife and development.

$1,000 reward for rock carvings stolen from Sierra Nevadas

Thieves hacked four, treasured carvings straight off of the rock face, something archaeologist Greg Haverstock deemed: "The worst act of vandalism ever seen."

Lessons learned on future elections & voters of color

The election gave political observers, pollsters, and activists plenty to talk about. A recent conference at Cal State, LA offered lessons about minority voters.

Airship Ventures goes down, Eureka Zeppelin to be dismantled

A world helium shortage and lack of consistent sponsorship has taken the lift out of California-based Airship Ventures. The Eureka Zeppelin has been grounded.

Judge: Yes to high-speed rail, no to Central Valley farmers

A judge denied a request Friday from Central Valley farmers who sought to halt work on California's ambitious high-speed rail project.

Inland workers strike Wal-Mart warehouse

Workers stage a two-day strike at a Riverside area warehouse that ships products for Wal-Mart. Deputies arrest six protestors trying to block delivery trucks.

Goodwill charities push for greater regulation of donation bins

Gov. Brown recently vetoed legislation brought forth by the Goodwill Charity that would have regulated clothing donation bins.

Brice W. Harris becomes chancellor of California Community Colleges

How will the new chancellor go about rehabilitating California’s community colleges? Will there be enough classes, funds and opportunities to go around?