Veterans look for jobs, companies look for vets

Veterans look for jobs, and companies look for veterans at a "Hiring our Heroes" event in Los Angeles before Veterans Day

Martin Hoshino to take over as acting prisons secretary

With Secretary Matt Cate leaving, Martin Hoshino will assume the reigns of one of the world's largest prison systems on Monday morning.

Fundraiser for a Meatball the bear sanctuary on eBay

Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary in Alpine is holding an eBay auction to raise money to build Meatball a 4-acre habitat. Their goal is $250,000.

Keywords to put in Twitter apps so you can ignore democracy

Third-party Twitter apps can easily filter out specific keywords so you can go back to reading only about the topics of importance to you.

After record 94 degrees in LA Monday, cooling expected

After a record-tying 94 degrees in Los Angeles Monday, the heat is expected to ease a bit Tuesday.

Wildfire erupts in San Bernardino County

A wildfire erupted Monday in San Bernardino County, shutting down Interstate 15, forcing the evacuation of a community of ranch homes and burning 350 acres so far.

Three voter groups that could swing Tuesday's election

Naturalized US citizens have quickly become a major voting block. Political observers predict Latino and Asian American voters hold the power to tip the election.

Palmdale woman claims $23 million lottery win after 5 months

Officials believe a mystery woman bought a ticket worth $23 million at a market. She has less than a month left to claim her fortune with the ticket.

Religious groups' major player in disaster recovery efforts

Religious congregations are among the first responders when natural disasters strike. A new report argues that these groups, at least in California, ought to engage in disaster recovery even more.

West Covina Assemblyman investigated for domestic violence

Assemblyman Roger Hernandez is accused of physically abusing a woman he was dating. His attorney denies the accusation, calling it politically motivated.

Asian American-Pacific Islander voter guide unveiled

Asian and Pacific Islander immigrant communities in Los Angeles now have a voter’s guide available in eight different languages.

Video: First SpaceX mission ends in Pacific splashdown

The first SpaceX supply mission under contract with NASA has splashed down off the coast of Baja California.

Muslims pray at Angel Stadium to mark Eid al-Adha

An estimated 20,000 worshipers came to Angel Stadium Friday to mark Eid al-Adha in one of the largest public gatherings for Muslim prayer in the U.S.

Santa Ana winds bring fire danger to Southern California

The Santa Ana winds, which blow through in the fall, bring high fire danger because their powerful gusts can whip flames into infernos.

Winchester Mystery House loses lawsuit, wins for spookiness

The Winchester Mystery House was at center of a trademark lawsuit regarding a straight-to-DVD horror flick based on the former owner's life.

Prop 37: Scientists say no to genetically modified food labels

Proposition 37 would require labels on genetically modified food sold in California. While polls show people evenly split, scientists say the labeling is misleading.