Video: First SpaceX mission ends in Pacific splashdown

The first SpaceX supply mission under contract with NASA has splashed down off the coast of Baja California.

Muslims pray at Angel Stadium to mark Eid al-Adha

An estimated 20,000 worshipers came to Angel Stadium Friday to mark Eid al-Adha in one of the largest public gatherings for Muslim prayer in the U.S.

Santa Ana winds bring fire danger to Southern California

The Santa Ana winds, which blow through in the fall, bring high fire danger because their powerful gusts can whip flames into infernos.

Winchester Mystery House loses lawsuit, wins for spookiness

The Winchester Mystery House was at center of a trademark lawsuit regarding a straight-to-DVD horror flick based on the former owner's life.

Prop 37: Scientists say no to genetically modified food labels

Proposition 37 would require labels on genetically modified food sold in California. While polls show people evenly split, scientists say the labeling is misleading.

CA officials to ready nation’s largest prison hospital

Opening the Stockton hospital will determine how soon a federal judge might end his oversight of the state's medical care for inmates

The sad, amazing story of the bear on CA's state flag

The story of Monarch: his life, death, and fascinating relationship with William Randolph Hearst.

CA lawmakers can change voting record on bills after the fact

Critics say the practice allows lawmakers to mislead constituents by changing the official record of how they acted on legislation. Scan the spreadsheet to see how your lawmakers voted.

In-N-Out is 64: Is it still the best burger in SoCal? (poll)

From the San Gabriel Valley to Singapore, burger fans savor In-N-Out as it marks its 64th anniversary. But is it truly the best?

Business owners are dubious of Props 30, 38

The tax measures are designed to provide revenue for public education, but some small business owners fear a slowdown in economic recovery

Santa Barbara wildfire 100 percent contained

The 44-acre Lookout Fire briefly threatened 100 homes in rugged hillsides north of Santa Barbara. About 40 people were evacuated. The cause is under investigation.

PHOTOS: Santa Barbara wildfire mostly contained; evacuations lifted

An evacuation order has been lifted for about 100 homes near the site of the wildfire. The cause remains under investigation. Full containment is expected by Friday.

Californians participate in statewide earthquake drill

More than nine million Californians and more people in the southeastern United States will participate in what could be considered the largest earthquake drill in the world.

Schools fare better under both Props 30 and 38

Competing tax hikes on the ballot promise more money for education. Which is better is a topic of hot debate. The mutual upside: schools get more under Props 30 & 38.

PHOTOS: Wildfire leads to evacuations in Santa Barbara

Fire officials have downgraded the size of the fire, which has slowed down as it burns up a steep slope. The cause is still unknown.

CA regulators investigating CVS for auto-prescription renewal

Some customers say they were enrolled in an automatic refill program without their knowledge. Federal and state regulators are investigating the complaints.