Weak Santa Ana event creates hot temps around LA

Fire danger will increase across Souther California on Sunday and peak early next week when hot temps will be mixed with dry conditions.

Governor Brown hears from supporters and opponents of the TRUST Act on the eve of his signature

Supporters and opponents of the state immigration bill known as the TRUST Act are stepping up their arguments.

Gov. Brown expands open carry ban to include long guns

An existing law only applied to handguns. The amendment, which takes effect Jan. 1, was designed to close that loophole.

CA cities, organizations get $10 million in fed grants

The U.S. Department of Commerce Friday awarded nearly $10 million in grant funds to California cities and institutions to help the regional economy.

Poll: Californians 'somewhat ambivalent' on illegal immigration

A majority of California voters would be content to let undocumented immigrants have a path to U.S. citizenship, a new poll suggests, but the buck more or less stops there.

Domestic workers in California seek labor protection rights

Across California domestic workers and their supporters are ramping up pressure on Governor Brown to sign Assembly Bill 889 by Sunday.

Great white shark spotted in Santa Barbara Harbor

Warning signs have been posted after a 14-foot great white shark was spotted in the Santa Barbara Harbor.

Amnesty International: Isolation of CA prisoners 'inhumane'

Amnesty international calls confinement of 3,000 prisoners in isolation units "cruel, degrading and inhumane.”

Californians flock to new online voter registration

The State Senator who sponsored the legislation says "This is a game-changer for our democracy"; Registration continues through Oct. 22

UC Davis to pay $1 million to Occupy pepper-sprayed protesters

The University of California has agreed to pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit with students who were pepper-sprayed during an Occupy protest at UC Davis last fall.

Prop 8 not yet on US Supreme Court docket

The High Court won't take up the same-sex marriage issue for now, but it will determine whether a Long Beach robbery accomplice received a fair trial.

Are Californians really bailing on the Golden State?

A new study by the conservative Manhattan Institute says that Californians are leaving the state in droves in search of cheaper living conditions and a more favorable business climate.

Domestic lobby for bill to give breaks, overtime

Domestic workers ask for "a little respect" at the state capitol, in push to get Governor to extend labor protections to them.

Prison officials investigate cluster of riots

California corrections officials are investigating prison riots at three separate facilities over the last week. The incidents involved dozens of inmates.

Stiffening human trafficking penalties with Proposition 35

In a new series called "Props to You," we'll explain what the measure contains. Today, we'll cover Proposition 35, which stiffens penalties for those found guilty of human trafficking.

Shasta County wildfire prompts evacuations

A Shasta County community is under threat for the second time in as many months by a growing wildfire, prompting evacuations of nearby homes.