Court won't force California to resume executions

L.A. Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler denied the DA's request to force the state to execute two longtime Death Row inmates who've exhausted their appeals.

New CA law requires pro stadiums to post security numbers visible from stands

Governor Brown signed a bill (AB 2464) Friday to deter violence at sports stadiums and arenas.

Federal judge hears class action suit on behalf of mentally disabled immigrants

A federal judge in Los Angeles agreed to hear a class-action lawsuit on behalf of mentally-disabled immigrants in detention who lack legal representation.

Judges won't ease Calif. prison crowding order

A panel of federal judges says it won't ease up its order for California to cut its prison population, but may give state officials more time to comply.

Man rips out friend's beating heart, pleads guilty to murder

Jarrod Wyatt will serve 50 years to life for the grisly murder of a 21-year-old.

Federal judge: CA not ready to control prison medical care

Judge rules state officials “have not always cooperated with and sometimes actively sought to block” improvement to care at its 33 prisons and sets out a plan for gradual transition.

California’s undocumented immigrant driver’s license bill: What it does

AB 2189 is on its way to Gov. Jerry Brown for approval. It proposes granting driver's licenses to young immigrants who qualify for temporary legal status under a new federal policy.

UCSB 'Angel of Death' who killed 4 in 2001 to be released

On Tuesday Santa Barbara Judge Thomas R. Adams agreed that David Attias, now 30, can be released into an unlocked community facility.

Hantavirus draws more scientists to Yosemite this week

Officials from the CDC are expected to arrive in Yosemite Tuesday to join the investigation into the unprecedented hantavirus outbreak that has killed two park visitors and sickened four others.

Domestic workers to gain labor protections

Domestic workers in California would gain the same labor law protections as other employees in a bill heading to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

The jobs outlook in California ahead of Labor Day

California is adding jobs faster than the U.S. and most other states, but it still has one of the country's highest unemployment rates.

When should you take the keys away from an elderly driver?

Teenagers pay more in insurance because they are believed to be a greater accident risk. Does a similar pricing structure affect elderly drivers? Should it?

California pot shop ban halted, but for how long?

Marijuana dispensary ban has been suspended for now, but how much potential revenue does California really stand to lose if marijuana dispensaries are shut down?

Hantavirus deaths are first-ever recorded in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park officials say this summer's hantavirus deaths are the first-ever recorded in the park. They're unsure what is to blame for the outbreak.

Three's not a crowd in bill to recognize multiple parents

The California state Senate is expected to take up a final vote as early as Tuesday that would allow more than two people to be the legal parents of a child.

Statewide pension reform may help cities control costs

State lawmakers have until midnight Friday to enact the pension reforms they’ve promised this year. Democratic leaders have said they'll meet the deadline.