In California, painkiller abuse can lead to heroin addiction

With the steady rise of prescription drug abuse across California, young pill addicts are succumbing in increasing numbers to another vice: heroin.

Photo slideshow: All 48 California 2012 Olympic gold medalists

Check out our gallery of every single Californian who won a gold medal at the London Olympics this month.

Pig parts dumped at future mosque site prompt investigation call

Inland Empire Muslims want federal authorities to investigate an alleged hate crime at the site of planned mosque in a gesture Muslims regard as a grave insult.

Will you beat the heat or relent? California heat wave taxes power grid

It's expected to be another record-breaking scorcher in the Southland today. How will you beat the heat?

California heat wave continues

Californians sweltering in a heat wave are being urged to reduce their power consumption — including that air conditioning you may desperately want to be using.

Lawmakers seek bottom line on state's special Funds

At a hearing in Sacramento on Thursday, state lawmakers demanded a “guarantee” that the money in California’s special funds has been accounted for.

Sikh temple shooter was radicalized by hate rock in Orange County

Hate rock music groups in Orange County helped to radicalize the man responsible for Sunday’s Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin.

Cougar kill a political death for California wildlife official

Killing a cougar may be legal in Idaho, but it’s political suicide in California.

Bay Area residents flood hospitals after refinery fire

Scores of residents went to hospitals complaining of breathing problems early Tuesday. Smoke and flames could be seen for miles.

Bay Area bridges under scrutiny after shaky structural tests

Caltrans maintained that Bay Area bridges were safe to drive across, but privately, the agency may not be so confident about the integrity of the bridges, according to a new report from The Sacramento Bee.

Judge says Riverside can't close medical marijuana shops

A judge has ruled Riverside County can't close medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas because it doesn't give them any room to operate legally under state law.

Review follows discovery of $54 million in state parks money

A California Department of Finance audit of more than 500 special state government funds has found no major errors or accounting discrepancies.

Homeland Security lays out new rules for deferred action

The federal Homeland Security department has announced the details of deferred action for young undocumented immigrants.

3 major tuna companies settle claims of skimpy cans of tuna

Three major tuna companies will donate canned tuna to California food banks as part of a civil settlement agreement signed this week.

State bills seek to curb used car industry 's shadier practices

The controversial “Buy Here, Pay Here” used car industry would face strict new regulations under several bills moving through the California legislature.

DOJ: Undocumented immigrants cannot practice law

The federal Justice Department says that undocumented immigrants cannot practice law, responding directly to a case before the California Supreme Court.