Who are the emerging leaders in Anaheim?

No Latinos sit on Anaheim's city council, even though they make up half the city's population — and two police-involved shootings have shoved that issue forward.

Cal Fire could lose inmate firefighters next year

The state agency could lose up to 1,500 inmate firefighters by next year as prisoners are transferred to county jails under California's prison realignment plan.

Commission lists for-profit colleges no longer Cal Grant eligible

Many students who want to study at private post-secondary colleges to get certified as truck drivers, masseuses or chefs will not be able to get Cal Grants at certain schools.

California builds the nation's largest prison medical facility

California is racing to comply with a federal court order to improve health care for inmates by building a massive medical facility at record pace.

Rediscovered headstones hold clues to California quake

California's Gilliam Cemetery appears to have more occupants as of late: old headstones that were claimed by the earth a century ago have been resurrected.

San Francisco tops list of eco-friendly US cities

The study rated America’s largest cities in terms of the “highest per-capita prevalence of eco-friendly services," including green architects.

Rite Aid workers begin statewide strike vote

Nearly 3,000 Rite Aid workers across CA are set to begin voting Thursday on whether or not to authorize union leaders to call a strike if contract negotiations stay stalled.

Baja California’s Secretary of Tourism talks up visiting south of the border

Tourism in Baja California is back on the rise, and with an increase in interest from the food and wine industry, it’s time to reconsider the jewels of our neighbor to the south.

Anaheim officials ask for federal investigation into police shootings

Police stepped up patrols and about two dozen were in riot gear outside the doors of the Anaheim City Hall as hundreds demonstrated on the streets outside. Five people have died in six Anaheim officer-involved shootings this year.

Small plane lands on Escondido freeway

Authorities say a small plane carrying four people has made an emergency landing on a Southern California freeway.

Scandal grows in parks system: $54M found, director resigns

State Parks Director Ruth Coleman resigned after officials learned the department had been sitting on a $54 million surplus for as long as 12 years.

Green-certified homes sell for more in California

A new study has found that having an environmentally friendly home in California can increase the sale price by about 9 percent.

Coyotes overrun Carson mobile home park

Residents of the Carson Harbor Village mobile home park have had almost two dozen pets attacked, injured or killed by coyotes in less than a year.

U.S. Navy considers local alternative energy sources

In Sacramento today, Naval officials, California businesses and universities showcased alternative energy technologies. The US Navy is looking to cut dependence on foreign oil by going "green."

San Bernardino headed to bankruptcy

The San Bernardino City Council declared Wednesday that it faced a fiscal emergency and voted 5-2 to file for bankruptcy within 30 days.

California bullet train faces funding and legal challenges

Governor Jerry Brown approved money for a high-speed rail line that still faces many challenges before it can connect Los Angeles to San Francisco.