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Ron Calderon

Rich Pedroncelli/AP

Judge to decide if ex-California lawmaker's trial proceeds

Former senator Ron Calderon has been charged with 24 federal counts of bribery, fraud, and money laundering and he faces a maximum 396 years in federal prison.

Lunada Bay

Is there such a thing as a trust-funded surf gang?

Looking for a secret surf spot in the South Bay? Maybe you shouldn't. Palos Verdes' Lunada Bay has a legacy of violence in the name of "localism."

Mayor De Blasio And Police Chief Bratton Discuss Police Training

Bill Bratton weighs in on body cams, Sandra Bland and Sam DuBose

Videos revealing police work that was once hidden from public view have gone viral online. In the last two weeks, that's played primary roles with Sandra Bland and Sam DuBose.

Charleston church shooting: Not guilty plea for suspect

Dylann Roof's lawyer said that he couldn't advise his client to plead guilty until prosecutors say whether they'll seek the death penalty.

Venice Pier lifeguard attack caught on video

A lifeguard was assaulted on the Venice Pier Thursday in an attack captured on cellphone camera by bystanders.

2 Special Olympics athletes missing; last seen in Griffith Park

The LAPD has confirmed that they are searching for two Russian Special Olympics athletes. The missing athletes are a man and a woman in their 30s.

US authorities can't find hunter who killed 'Cecil the Lion'

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it is investigating Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, but the agency says it has failed so far to track him down.

US marshal convicted in Los Angeles man's fatal shooting

A deputy U.S. marshal has been convicted of providing misleading statements to authorities who investigated his fatal shooting of a Los Angeles man.

At one juvenile hall, too few staff has a big impact

A juvenile hall in San Leandro, Calif., is a so-called model facility, but it faces major challenges. A staffing shortage means, says a supervisor, "kids don't always get the services they should."

SoCal cities debate the pros and cons of police oversight models

From Anaheim to Los Angeles County, elected officials are weighing which models would best help law enforcement improve its performance and avoid excessive use of force.

Unarmed homeless man shot by LA police had meth, pot in system

Caught on video by a bystander, the shooting of Charly Keunang was viewed by millions and sparked angry protests outside police headquarters in L.A. See his autopsy here.

Prosecutors charge teen with murder in death of 8-year-old

A 15-year-old boy was charged with murder, kidnapping and sexual assault in the death of an 8-year-old girl in an artists complex in a California beach town.

Gunman shot by Los Angeles police is identified

The coroner's office says 44-year-old Seth Raines of Los Angeles died last Friday in Studio City. Witnesses say he fired gunshots into the air as he sat near a bank.

Sandra Bland: Texas authorities release more jailhouse video

Officials in Waller County, Texas, said the videos prove many of the conspiracy theories being batted around the web are not true. Bland's death is still being investigated.

Fortifying armed forces recruiting centers might make it harder to recruit

Some worry that fortifying recruiting centers against potential attackers could upset the tone that the armed forces tries to present to potential recruits.

LA Sheriff against subpoena power for civilian overseers

Activists say subpoena power is the only thing that will give a new civilian panel teeth to effectively watchdog the LA County Sheriff's Department.