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Sheriff’s oversight panel ponders what needs fixing


The nine-member civilian panel overseeing the L.A. County Sheriff's Department seeks to answer a critical question: Which issues should it tackle to influence change?

Ford Announces New Electrification Project With Los Angeles Police Department

Veteran LAPD officer arrested for sex with 15-year-old cadet

A veteran Los Angeles police officer has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old cadet who's suspected of joyriding in stolen patrol cars.

Deputy bullet meant for dog accidentally kills Palmdale teen

Early Thursday morning, on-duty deputies were met by an aggressive pit bull who bit one of them. They opened fire and accidentally struck a 17-year-old male, who later died.

​Palmdale mayor charged with corruption

Jim Ledford was charged Wednesday with conspiracy, conflict of interest and three counts of perjury. Ledford has been Palmdale's mayor for 25 years.

Sheriff's oversight panel will reassess its priorities

Some members of the civilian panel feel they're spreading themselves thin by trying to focus on too many issues at once.

Urinating man at Pasadena Metro station heavily armed

Authorities say a man caught urinating in public at a Los Angeles County light rail station was found to be heavily armed.

How legal pot could cut California’s police searches dramatically

Colorado and Washington saw searches by police officers fall sharply after legalizing marijuana — a trend that could have implications for California.

A daycare center fronting for a major cocaine dealer?

Law enforcement arrested a man and his son and seized more than 20 kilos of cocaine at the Highland Park home that served as a daycare center.

4 more LAPD cadets arrested in squad car thefts

Seven cadets in total have now been arrested as this investigation continues. All police vehicles are accounted for so far, but an inventory sweep is still underway.

LAPD officers shoot steak knife-wielding man in his 70s

The man remains in critical condition, according to the LAPD. The incident began as a domestic violence call late Monday night in Sherman Oaks

Deported vets try to return to the country they fought for

Green card holders who serve in the military can be deported after discharge if they get into legal trouble. Some are trying to return or get their VA benefits.

The $300K avocado heist of Ventura County

Authorities were tipped off about employees at a Camarillo ripening facility who were making unauthorized cash sales of the avocados. They've been charged with felony grand theft.

California reconsiders lifetime registration for sex offenders

The legislation would end automatic lifetime registration for sex offenders, regardless of the seriousness of the crime. Many in law enforcement support it.

The '70s tale of Coronado's swimming teen weed smugglers

The shark-infested waters between Coronado and Mexico make for a treacherous swim. But to a few young men, the risk was more than worth the reward.

After military service, these veterans face deportation

Some 11,000 non-citizens serve in the U.S. military. But if they commit crimes after discharge, these veterans can be deported.

Woman fatally shot after driving toward Montebello police officer

The incident occurred at the Quality Inn on Telegraph Road after a woman who had been arguing with her boyfriend turned her car toward him and an officer, according to a sheriff's official.