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Suspect arrested in shooting death of man in Venice Beach

Officials say the suspect was taken into custody without incident Sunday evening. He was not identified and described only as a resident of Venice.


Court to consider if California death penalty is cruel, unusual

U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney ruled last year that the death penalty was an empty promise with unpredictable delays that have seldom led to executions while jamming the state's death row.

This undated photo provided by the Harris County Sheriff's Office on Saturday shows Shannon J. Miles. Prosecutors in Texas are charging the 30-year-old man with capital murder in the killing of Darren Goforth, a sheriff's deputy who was gunned down from b

Motive still sought in fatal shooting of Texas sheriff's deputy

Authorities have charged 30-year-old Shannon J. Miles in the "execution-style" murder of Deputy Darren Goforth, but investigators have yet to make public any motive for the killing.

Their crimes reclassified, some California felons get a second chance

Approved by voters last year, Proposition 47 lets people with some nonviolent felonies petition to reduce their crimes to misdemeanors. It's giving former offenders access to better opportunities.

1 man killed, 2 injured in shooting on Venice Beach

A man in his 20s died at the scene. Investigators say a gunman drove off in a black SUV following the shooting shortly after 2 a.m. near Rose Avenue.

Department of Justice sued by AP for making a fake AP news story

The Associated Press has filed a lawsuit against the DOJ for a government sting operation in 2007 in which the FBI created a fake AP news story and impersonated a journalist.

LAPD wants help identifying suspect in road rage video

A road rage incident where a man had his head slammed into a sidewalk has led to the LAPD asking for the public's help to identify the suspect.

Police fatally shoot man who struck officer in Van Nuys

Police responded to a neighbor dispute Thursday night. The suspect, who allegedly refused to leave a residence, hit an officer with a "hard object," according to police.

Parole recommended for Manson follower Bruce Davis for fourth time

Parole officials on Thursday again decided it is safe to free Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis — but Gov. Jerry Brown can block it, and has twice before.

CD store owner charged in $2 million shoplifting heroin addicts scheme

A record store owner is charged with using heroin addicts to shoplift more than $2 million worth of books, videos, and other products that he then resold online.

Court OKs lawsuits against Los Angeles sheriff's officials

The ruling would allow lawsuits brought against three sheriff's officials accused of withholding evidence from two murder defendants who were later exonerated.

Virginia shooting: Reporter, cameraman killed on live TV; gunman dies

The man suspected of shooting a reporter and photographer live on air in Virginia crashed during a pursuit Wednesday and died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said.

In wake of journalist murders, media consider the graphic footage

Today's deadly shooting of two journalists on live TV has reopened a conversation about how (or even if) sensitive material like the video should be shared.

Judge formally sentences James Holmes to life in prison

Holmes was convicted of first-degree murder and 140 counts of attempted first degree murder, as well as an explosives charge, in an attack on moviegoers watching a midnight Batman premiere in 2012.

Los Angeles looks at harsher penalties for child sex buyers

The county wants to hit "johns" with felonies such as rape, child abuse or endangerment and conspiracy — far more than the misdemeanors customers typically receive.

Family of Lakewood man releases video of fatal deputy-involved shooting

A mentally-ill man was shot during an altercation with officers last month. His family claims a video contradicts the claim that he posed a threat.