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Joshua Tree family lived in filthy desert hovel, authorities say

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department/AFP/Getty Images
| Investigators do not believe the children were being held captive, like another family in Riverside County that made headlines when officials said they had rescued their 13 children.

3 Joshua Tree children found living in large box for 4 years; parents arrested


The children were 11, 13 and 14. There were mounds of trash and human feces discovered on the property, as well as approximately 30-40 cats roaming freely inside a trailer.

A clearer picture of Parkland shooting suspect comes into focus


Friends, family and neighbors were aware of the man now accused of killing 17 people. So were two sheriff's departments and the FBI. Despite all the red flags, nothing was done to intervene.


A brief history of the AR-15


The semi-automatic rifle has been in wide circulation for more than a half-century. In recent years, gunmen have used AR-15-style weapons to carry out many of the country's worst mass shootings.

Episode 5: "Shit Magnets"


Why do some officers shoot more often than others? Retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Forlano fired his gun in seven incidents, grisly experiences he says stems from working busy patrol areas and regularly encountering armed suspects.

Southern California man accused of threatening to 'shoot up' school


The school in Chino Hills east of Los Angeles was closed at the time. After an investigation, deputies arrested Nicholas Ceballos at his nearby home on suspicion of criminal threats.

Anti-Semitic incidents see largest single-year increase on record, audit finds


The Anti-Defamation League annual audit found incidents nearly doubled at K-12 schools and on college campuses. California was one of the states with the most occurrences.

Supreme Court ruling means immigrants could continue to be detained indefinitely


The court ruled that immigrants, even those who are permanent legal residents and asylees, have no right to periodic bond hearings, meaning they could possibly be held indefinitely in some cases.

2 LAPD officers sentenced to 25 years for rape


"All four women, who ranged in age from 19 to 34, were involved in narcotics-related investigations with the officers when they were assaulted."