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LA Sheriff's civilian oversight panel gets mixed reviews

Photo vis conner395 via Flickr Creative Commons
| One year after its creation, a big question remains: Can the panel effectively influence Sheriff's Department policy if it has no real authority over the sheriff?

Judge says USC grad student was insane when he killed professor


Brown had pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity but withdrew the not-guilty plea. Brown killed his mentor, 50-year-old Bosco Tjan, in December 2016 in a lab that the psychology professor ran.

Abused Southern California sibling went to college, didn't seek help


The community college student with a page-boy haircut was quiet, never drew attention to himself and earned A's semester after semester. Despite ample opportunities, he apparently never divulged the sickening truth that his home was a veritable torture chamber.

Route 66 Museum burglary suspect arrested


Roy Fonder, 25, has been charged with causing more than $5,000 in theft and damage after a break-in at the Victorville museum last week.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg plans to keep working


The oldest Supreme Court justice isn't looking to hang up her robe. She says she'll stay as long as she can go "full steam."

Rapper Nelly, fan file competing versions of sex encounter


A lawsuit alleges he raped a fan on his tour bus in Seattle last year. The rapper's attorney says it's a money grab.

'Suge' Knight attorneys released day after arrest


Two lawyers arrested as accessories after the fact to a felony, were let out of jail Friday night because their "complex" case requires further review.

Do gang databases disproportionately target men of color?


Activists say Chicago's database is inaccurate, there's no way for people to clear their names — and it's leading to deportations.


Disgraced doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison


Nassar's decision to assault scores of young girls was "precise, calculated, manipulative, devious, despicable," the judge declared.