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Report: LAPD mediation works – when officers, residents show up

Three years ago the LAPD invited residents to report when they felt an officer treated them unfairly. The department also offered residents the chance to meet face-to-face with the officer and a professional mediator. But, a new report shows, in many cases, residents did not want to meet.

Los Angeles sheriff's deputy shoots man at restaurant

Authorities say a man has been shot by a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy after being stopped inside a restaurant. It happened shortly after 3 p.m. Monday in Van Nuys.

Appeals court dismisses suit over Gardena police shooting video

Los Angeles suburb Gardena's claim that a judge prematurely released video of police shooting an unarmed man was dismissed by a federal appeals court Monday.

City stands by LAPD's long-standing policy on undocumented immigrants

For over 30 years LAPD policy - don't question people about their immigration status. Officials say it makes it easier to focus on fighting crime.

LAPD Ezell Ford shooting prompted changes, but still hotly debated

While Chief Charlie Beck and many in the rank and file say the shooting of Ezell Ford was justified, police leaders recognized the uproar over it and shootings across the country demanded a response.

Father of girl who met with Pope fights to stay in US

Since meeting with the pontiff, Jersey Vargas and her family have appeared at several rallies and the family has publicly lobbied for immigration reform

Casting workshops charged for pay-to-play scam

Casting workshops in California must be for instructional purposes and must make it clear that they cannot guarantee employment, according to the city attorney’s office.

City approves $1.5 million settlement with family of Ezell Ford

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved a multi-million dollar settlement with the family of Ezell Ford, a 25-year-old shot and killed by LAPD officers in 2014.

Court weighs halting release of police video of shootings

Judges considering a case involving a 2013 shooting of an unarmed man by Gardena police are questioning whether video releases should be put on hold to offer a chance of appeal.

New arrests in deadly 1993 Los Angeles apartment arson

Authorities alleged that the 1993 fire was set as revenge against an apartment manager who tried to stop rampant drug dealing in the building during an era that Beck called "the zenith of violent crime in Los Angeles."

Man shot dead by CHP in Santa Monica

Authorities say officers opened fire when the man, armed with a knife, approached them and refused orders to stop along Pico Boulevard near I-10.

Where sex offenders can live in California

A slew of lawsuits is challenging municipal restrictions on where sex offenders can live. A 2015 California Supreme Court ruling cast doubt on the legality of such rules.

Police: Arrests made in 1993 Los Angeles fire that killed 10

The three-story building in the Westlake district caught fire on May 3, 1993. Ten people, including seven children, died in the blaze.

Torrance police chief suspended over alleged offensive remarks

The Torrance police chief has been suspended over allegations that he made remarks against women, blacks, gays and Muslims.

After the storms, watch out for roof repair scams

An alert has been issued by the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office warning about unlicensed contractors who will often approach homeowners after a storm.

​Incendiary device tossed into Pasadena Cheesecake Factory

Police say witnesses described the man who threw the device as having a heavy beard and wearing all black clothing and a black beanie. The investigation is being handled by city police but federal authorities were notified.