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Times Square bollards that stopped car were made in LA

Short security posts built by a L.A. company appear to have played a role in stopping a car involved in the deadly pedestrian crash in Times Square on Thursday afternoon.

Q&A: UCLA expert explains what the MS–13 raid means

A gang sweep resulting in nearly two dozen arrests Wednesday has been called the largest ever conducted in Los Angeles. Here's what we know about the MS-13 gang and how big this bust might be.

In California, some foster children get arrested for lashing out

California's foster youth might act out because of their circumstances. But in some state shelters and group homes, they are arrested instead of counseled.

Measure C: 5 thorny questions ahead for LAPD discipline

Now that LA voters have decided they want more civilians on LAPD discipline panels by passing Measure C, the city council must figure out the details of how that will work.

Authorities search park where missing boy's father was found

Authorities are conducting another search at a park in South Pasadena for clues in the disappearance of a 5-year-old boy missing for nearly a month.

South Pasadena mother pleads for 5-year-old boy's safe return

Los Angeles County sheriff's officials have been searching for Aramazd Andressian Jr. since his father was found unconscious in a park on April 22.

Massive raids target MS-13 gang members in SoCal

There were 21 people arrested and others are still being sought in the largest crackdown of MS-13 ever conducted in Los Angeles.

5 things immigrant advocates want from LAPD in Trump era

Activists want LAPD's nearly 40-year-old directive against arrests made solely for immigrations violations amended in the face of a federal crackdown on those here illegally.

LA County Sheriff's Department enacts transgender policy

The nation's largest sheriff's department has enacted a new policy requiring deputies to address transgender and gender non-conforming people using their preferred names and pronouns, officials said Tuesday.

Authorities seize 7,000 birds in LA County cockfighting raid

About 100 Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies conducted the raid on Monday in a remote area northwest of Los Angeles. The birds seized included roosters, hens and chicks.

Officer Involved: Drug use rates in San Bernardino don't explain police shootings

Compared to LA, officers in San Bernardino County shot people with signs of substance use at double the rate. But substance use stats were similar in both counties.

Police Commission holds hearing on LAPD-ICE cooperation

The commission hopes to allay fears the LAPD is working with federal immigration authorities. Some advocates say the department remains too close to ICE.

Officer Involved: Why KPCC dug into the records of San Bernardino County

KPCC reporter Annie Gilbertson described why she began to research officer-involved shootings in San Bernardino County.

Officer Involved: Drugs, alcohol pervasive in San Bernardino police shootings

KPCC and The San Bernardino Sun teamed up to produce the first substantive examination of police shootings in the largest county in the United States. According to some of the research, county officers shot 103 people in a six-year span.

Officer Involved: Drugs and alcohol pervasive in San Bernardino County police shootings

An investigation by KPCC and The San Bernardino Sun found more than 70 percent of 103 people shot by officers in San Bernardino County in a six-year period disclosed or tested positive for substance use.

In San Bernardino County, officers take aim at moving cars

An investigation by KPCC and The San Bernardino Sun found officers in San Bernardino County shoot into moving cars at nearly double the rate of neighboring Los Angeles County.