Crime & Justice

As inmates shift to local control, some county jails see a spike in suicides

The rate of suicides seen in San Diego County jails shed light on a national problem: the increasing number of mentally ill people landing in jails.

Users seek shooting data from state site to restore trust

The requests provide a glimpse of the questions Californians have for their law enforcement officials, and what they want from 'open data' efforts.

East Hollywood man killed by LAPD suffered from mental illness

The man was shot after coming into contact with officers, but it's unclear what prompted the shooting. Police say Marcelo Luna was carrying a "bayonet-like" object.

DOJ private prison phase-out doesn't affect immigrant detention, but a California bill could

A state bill that would bar California cities and counties from contracting with private prisons for immigrant detention is set for a vote next week.

Blue Cut Fire: Hotels allegedly illegally price-gouging

Poston warned that if people have a suspicion someone has attempted price gouging following the Blue Cut Fire, they should contact the DA's Office's Consumer Protection Unit.

Home-invasion/sexual assault suspect arrested by LAPD

A suspect in several home invasions and attempted rapes/attacks beginning on Aug. 1 has been arrested, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Sacramento debating felony status for prosecutorial misconduct

California lawmakers are getting closer to passing a bill that would throw the book at prosecutors who withhold evidence in criminal trials.

California court helps kids by healing parents' addictions

A special court in Sacramento, Calif., aims to keep families together by getting treatment for parents who have substance abuse problems, instead of sending off their kids to foster care.

​LAPD motorcycle officer shoots, kills man in South LA

A motorcycle officer with the Los Angeles Police Department shot and killed a man during a traffic stop in South L.A. Tuesday afternoon, according to a department spokesman.

LA supervisor wants more implicit bias training at sheriff’s department

The call from Mark Ridley Thomas comes one week after the sheriff's department admitted a deputy killed an innocent black man in Compton.

$35,000 reward offered in home-invasion/sexual assault cases

The suspect has worn the same clothes in each incident: blue high-top sneakers and a green T-shirt with an image of the Virgin Mary.

Bill to make some police body cam footage private advances

The bill, which would give family members say over whether to release a dead police officer's body cam footage, was one of several pieces of legislation that moved forward Monday.

War stories and lessons from the LA Police Academy's class of 1966

When the LAPD's graduating class of 1966 came on the force, there was no S.W.A.T. team, no handheld radios, and no bullet proof vests. These veteran cops share their stories.

Local man charged with arson in devastating Clayton Fire

Damin Pashilk was arrested on suspicion of arson in a northern California wildfire that has destroyed more than 175 structures. He is also an arson suspect in numerous other fires over the past year.

Los Angeles taxi driver killed over fare dispute

A taxi driver was killed after he was assaulted by a passenger early Sunday morning, apparently over a dispute over the fare.

Californians on pace to buy 1 million guns in 2016

Gun sales are high in 2016, likely fueled by a spate of mass shootings and fears over gun control legislation restricting future sales.