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Federal Judge Orders Government To Seek Consent Before Medicating Migrant Children

| The court ruled the government must abide by a decades-old court settlement affecting the detention of migrant children.

In Battle Pitting Cities Vs. States Over Minimum Wage, Birmingham Scores A Win


A federal appeals court sided with workers from Birmingham, Ala., who argued that state lawmakers racially discriminated against the majority-black city by blocking a 2016 municipal minimum wage hike.

Government Says It's On Track To Reunite Migrant Parents And Children By Deadline


As of Thursday morning officials reported 711 children had yet to be reunited with their parents or an approved sponsor. Some 1,800 children have been handed over to their parents or sponsors.

Government Unable To Track Hundreds Of Parents It Separated From Their Children


Officials said 1,012 parents and children separated at the border have already been reunited. But up to 463 parents may have been deported or have voluntarily left without their children.

LAPD releases video of 'no-win' shootout at Silver Lake Trader Joe's, says police bullet killed woman


"These are no-win situations," the chief told reporters. "This is a heartbreaking reminder of the split-second decisions that officers must make every day."

FBI Agent Heads To Trial, Accused Of Lying About Deadly Malheur Shooting


W. Joseph Astarita was part of a team that was trying to capture leaders of the militia that launched the 41-day occupation in Oregon. Prosecutors say he fired his weapon but said he hadn't.

Judge Vacates Terrorism Convictions Of Man Who Had Trained With Paintball Group


A federal judge says Seifullah Chapman should be released rather than serve out the rest of his 65-year prison term, citing a shift in how the law defines violent crime.

Appeals Court Nomination Withdrawn Before An Expected Failure On Senate Floor


The White House withdrew the nomination of Ryan Bounds to join the 9th Circuit just before a vote was expected on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

MGM Resorts sues Las Vegas shooting victims


Dozens were killed and hundreds were injured in the Las Vegas shooting last year. MGM Resorts is suing to bring the case to federal court, hoping to dodge liability.