Crime & Justice

Could LAPD 'partnership' policing have prevented Ezell Ford shooting?

The LAPD's Community Safety Partnershp in the Watts housing projects have officers committing to five years of walking foot beats and building relationships.

High court strikes down raisin program as unconstitutional

In an 8-1 ruling, the justices said forcing raisin growers to give up part of their annual crop without full payment is an illegal confiscation of private property.

High Court voids LA ordinance on police checks of hotel registries

The justices voted 5-4 Monday to reject the city's argument that the measure was needed to help fight prostitution, drug trafficking and illegal gambling at budget hotels and motels.

In South LA, anger, sadness in wake of Charleston shootings

Hundreds gathered in South L.A. for services, the first Sunday ceremonies since nine people were shot and killed at an A.M.E church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Search for escaped convicts in New York shifts after possible sighting

A person reported seeing two men near a railroad line in the southern part of the state near the border with Pennsylvania.

Dylann Roof and the stubborn myth of the colorblind millennial

Of course, most young people will never commit a hate crime. But the misperception that they're largely free of racial animus stubbornly lives on, and that's dangerous in itself.

LA jail locked down after employee reports lost weapon

Twin Towers Correctional Facility was on lockdown for 5½ hours after an employee lost their weapon.

No gun found after LAPD shooting in Los Feliz

There was no gun recovered from the scene of an officer-involved shooting Friday in Los Feliz, an LAPD spokesman told KPCC.

Prosecutors wrap up emotional case in Colorado theater shooting trial

As they have throughout their case, prosecutors sought to drive home the emotional impact of the shootings, which killed 12 people and wounded 70 in 2012.

Charleston shooting: Victims' families forgive suspect, bond set at $1 million

As mourners continue to gather at the site of Wednesday's shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, the suspect, Dylann Roof, faces nine charges of murder.

Police critically wound man they say pulled gun after chase

Police said the driver being pursued got out with a blanket covering his body after being stopped and revealed a gun before officers opened fire.

How hate groups have changed over the years

A Cal State San Bernardino professor says that while extremist racist messages are pervasive on social media, brick and mortar groups are actually on the decline.

Jury rules no extra prison for Marine who killed Iraqi

A jury of six Marines decided Lawrence Hutchins III should get no additional prison time beyond the roughly seven years and two months he already served.

3 gangs near Frogtown, Atwater indicted for uniting in conspiracy

Three rival Los Angeles gangs united in a rare alliance to conspire to control drug trafficking and carried out crimes that included murder and extortion.

UC Irvine hospital worker accessed 5K patient records

The University of California, Irvine Medical Center says an employee improperly viewed medical information for nearly 5,000 patients over four years.

Charleston church shooting: Suspect arrested; coroner IDs victims

While he gave no further details on the shooting itself, Obama on Thursday expressed deep frustration with the frequency of tragedies brought about by someone "who had no trouble getting their hands on a gun."