Crime & Justice

Terror factors in France not very different from US, expert says

The truck attack in Nice, France that left scores dead highlights the challenges that come with protecting the nation's many soft targets.

The LAPD teaches its officers to check their own implicit biases

New recruits must go through several two-week-long courses that address this issue on many different levels.

What the Nice attack means for US national security

Apart from yesterday’s attack in Nice, two other terrorist attacks have occurred within France in less than two years.

Philando Castile: Can a record of traffic stops show police bias?

Philando Castile spent his driving career trapped in a cycle of traffic stops, fines and court appearances, raising questions about bias, race and luck.

LA's Day of Dialogue a safe space for civilians and officers alike

In Exposition Park Wednesday, LAPD officers, and residents gathered for Days of Dialogue, a safe space for conversations between the community and law enforcement.

1 of 4 Venice memorial graffiti vandals arrested

Angel Castro, aka "LITER," is facing a felony vandalism charge for defacing a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Venice just before Memorial Day.

Bodycam video shows police shooting of Fresno teen

Dylan Noble was shot by officers at a traffic stop on June 25, including shots fired after he was lying on the ground. The police have now released video of the incident.

LA to DC: Leaders visit White House to talk race, police

L.A.'s mayor and police chief were among dozens of law enforcement officers and elected officials who visited the White House for a meeting on race and policing.

Dialogue seeks to improve LAPD-community relations

More than 100 people gathered for the "Days of Dialogue" meeting with LAPD officers.

Why police say shooting Redel Jones was 'in-policy'

The Los Angeles police commission generally sided with Chief Charlie Beck in finding that while officers used tactics that failed to meet policies, the shooting of Redel Jones was justified.

Police commission says officers' shooting of black woman was 'within policy'

L.A. Board of Police Commissioners says fatal shooting by LAPD officers was justified after she approached them with a knife.

Parents of color reflect on having 'the talk'

This week on  The Brood, Take Two's family and parenting segment, we explore "the talk"; how parents of color teach their children about interacting with the police.

Obama insists nation is not as divided as it seems

Speaking at memorial service for Dallas police officers, president says week of violence has appeared to expose "the deepest fault lines of our democracy." He called on Americans to search for common ground in support of racial equity and justice.

Dallas memorial: Reactions to President Obama's remarks

AirTalk listeners react to President Obama's remarks following last week's shootings.

Inmate killed during fight at Southern California prison

State corrections officials say the 54-year-old inmate was stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen, chest, head and back by two other inmates.

Police commission to consider fatal shooting of South LA black woman

The commission meets as tensions grow over the police killings of African Americans and the sniper deaths of five police officers in Dallas last week.