Crime & Justice

Ex-chief of CalPERS pleads guilty to bribery and fraud

Federico Buenrostro Jr., the former chief executive of California Public Employees' Retirement System, entered his plea in San Francisco federal court Friday.

3 strikes: 2 felonies from single act count as 1 strike, court rules

The unanimous ruling on Thursday came in the case of a woman who was sentenced to 25-years to life on the basis of two convictions tied to a single carjacking.

CHP beating renews focus on officers' mental health training

A beating caught on tape is raising concerns about the amount of training CHP officers receive on how to handle suspects who may be suffering from mental illness

Clippers sale trial: Lawyers' personal plans delay hearing

The case will resume July 21, past the July 15 expiration date for Steve Ballmer's deal with the team. However, the deadline for that deal could be extended.

Bryan Stow trial: Jury decides against Dodgers, awards $18M in damages

The jury reached a verdict Wednesday in the civil trial against the Dodgers over the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow in 2011.

Kim Pham beating: Cell video key evidence in club death

The murder trial of two California women charged with kicking another woman to death outside a popular club began Wednesday with both sides showing cellphone footage.

Clippers sale trial: Sterling says he won't sell, calls wife pig

A raging Donald Sterling denounced his wife, her lawyers and the NBA from the witness stand and said he would never sell the Los Angeles Clippers.

12 percent jump in aggravated assaults in Los Angeles

Crime statistics for Los Angeles in 2014 show a nearly three percent uptick in violent crime compared to last year, due to a jump in aggravated assaults.

'Pillowcase Rapist' Christopher Hubbart released near Palmdale

Serial rapist Christopher Hubbart, who had more than 50 known victims, has been released to a residence in an unincorporated area of L.A. County near Palmdale.

LAPD Chief Beck hears mixed bag of feedback in East LA

East L.A. residents give a mixed bag of unfavorable and mild support for LAPD Chief Charlie Beck's request for another five years as top cop.

Commissioner says CHP 'wounded' after freeway beating

The commissioner of the CHP says he was shocked and concerned by video of one of his officers repeatedly punching a woman he had pinned on the side of an L.A. freeway.

Stolen iPhone leads to 15-year-old girl's death

Santa Ana Police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a man who stole a 15-year-old girl's iPhone, setting off a chain of events that ended in her death.

Clippers sale trial: Donald Sterling denounces doctor's Alzheimer's claims

Sterling was testy during his 90-minute appearance Tuesday afternoon, calling doctors who declared him to have Alzheimer's disease as "hired guns."

Fishermen who hooked shark in Manhattan Beach won't be cited

California state officials don't plan to cite fishermen who hooked a great white shark that bit a swimmer near the Manhattan Beach pier.

The social worker who saved Taylor Orci from child abuse

"Sweetheart, this man wants to ask you some questions," my dad said as he knelt down and looked me in the eyes so intensely I thought I would shatter into pieces.

LA jail scandal: Feds likely to revamp strategy in deputy's retrial

Federal prosecutors told a judge Monday they'll retry an L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice.