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Police arrest person suspected of threatening black students at Missouri

On an app that allows users to remain anonymous, the person warned black students to stay off campus. The University of Missouri said the suspect was apprehended off campus.

LA police commission: Officer-involved shootings double

The new president of the Police Commission released new police shooting statistics Tuesday and asked for an analysis of how the department compares to other big cities.

Kelly Thomas: Looking back at the police brutality case as civil trial gets underway

A wrongful death civil trial has started over the death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless mentally ill man who died following a violent altercation with Fullerton police in 2011.

Officer Involved: when can officers fire on suspects?

The U.S. Supreme Court made an important decision on Monday that makes it harder to sue police officers for using deadly force against fleeing suspects.

Suspect dies in Northridge officer-involved shooting

There was an officer-involved shooting in Northridge on Monday around 1 p.m., LAPD's Drake Madison told KPCC.

Officer Involved: Black people shot at disproportionate rate

Police in Los Angeles County fatally shoot black people at triple their proportion in the population, an analysis by KPCC has found.

Officer Involved: The black box of police shooting investigations

Law enforcement agencies aren't required to report data on police shootings, and few do.

Officer Involved: Unarmed and dangerous?

One in four people shot by officers in L.A. County between 2010 and 2015 was unarmed, and only one LAPD officer during that time was fired for violating policy.

Officer Involved: A KPCC investigation into police shootings in Los Angeles County

Between Jan. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2014, Los Angeles County district attorney records show at least 375 people were shot by on-duty officers.

Officer Involved: A call for help

Some of the most troubling police shootings in L.A. County involved people in mental health crisis.

Officer Involved: ‘I see heroes’

Most officers will go their entire career without shooting at anyone. Among the shootings that took place during the five years KPCC reviewed, many involved life-saving acts of bravery.

Officer Involved: How we did it

KPCC reviewed documents from the L.A. district attorney, medical examiner, the sheriff's department and others to examine officer-involved shootings.

Kelly Thomas wrongful death civil trial begins

After four years, the wrongful death civil case involving the Fullerton police beating of homeless and mentally ill man Kelly Thomas is underway in Orange County.

The LA deputy who went for a run and never came back

Jon Aujay went for a desert run in 1998 and never returned. Was it suicide? An accident? Or murder?

Prosecutor: Chinatown crime defendant ordered murder

a prosecutor says Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow ordered the murder of a rival and was part of a criminal organization in San Francisco's Chinatown.

High court won't hear nonprofit donor list challenge

The justices on Monday let stand a lower court ruling that said the state has a right to review donor lists to determine whether a group is involved in charity.