Crime & Justice

Boston bombing jury finishes 1st full day of deliberations

The jury began deliberating late Wednesday and continued all day Thursday, for a total of about 8 1/2 hours over two days. It will continue Friday.

Mexico to give $3.3M to relatives of army slaying victims

The government said Thursday it will give at least 50 million pesos to relatives of criminal suspects slain at a warehouse last year by soldiers.

Lawyers give closing arguments in Boston Marathon bomber's trial

Prosecutor Steve Mellin said Tsarnaev's actions "have earned him a sentence of death." Tsarnaev's lawyers said he was "a good kid" led astray by his brother.

AG to California colleges: work with police on assault cases

Attorney General Kamala Harris told California colleges and universities to collaborate with local police in addressing student complaints of sexual assault.

Father convicted of tossing daughter to death off cliff

Cameron Brown faces a mandatory term of life in prison without parole when sentenced June 19.

Demonstrators protest police shooting in Wisconsin capital

Protesters peacefully marched to voice their anger about a prosecutor's decision not to charge a police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed biracial man.

Sonoma County considers police watchdog in wake of teen's shooting

A sheriff's deputy mistook a pellet gun Andy Lopez was carrying for an assault rifle, and he shot the boy as he walked near his home in Santa Rosa.

No charges against police officer who killed unarmed man

A white Wisconsin police officer won't face criminal charges for fatally shooting an unarmed 19-year-old biracial man.

3rd man arrested in connection to illegal racing deaths

Balyan surrendered to the Los Angeles Criminal Court Tuesday. He has been charged with two counts of murder.

Antelope Valley residents outraged serial rapist will stay free

Santa Clara County Judge Richard Loftus ruled Monday that Christopher Hubbart, known as the "pillowcase rapist," is not a danger to the health and safety of others.

Isla Vista: 2 men in custody after shooting near UC Santa Barbara

Although the violence had nothing to do with a shooting rampage a year ago, it occurred in the same square-mile community of small apartments and houses that is home to thousands of university students.

California judge refuses to revoke release of serial rapist

A California judge has refused to revoke the release of a serial rapist amid fears by neighbors that he would rape again.

Nearly 750 weapons turned in during LA gun buyback

People turned in the guns Saturday with no questions asked in exchange for Ralphs pre-paid grocery cards. Nearly $77,000 worth of the gift cards were handed out.

New charge for Aaron Hernandez: witness intimidation

It's the latest criminal charge against the former star tight end, who once had a $40 million contract with the Patriots.

Trayvon Martin gunman George Zimmerman injured in Fla. shooting

Former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman narrowly avoided being hit by gunfire during a road rage incident in Florida Monday.

Horseback pursuit beating: SB Sheriff's Dept. releases deputies' names

The San Bernardino Sheriff's Department has released the names of 10 deputies allegedly involved in the beating, captured in TV news footage, of a suspect who appeared to have surrendered last month.