Crime & Justice

Stolen iPhone leads to 15-year-old girl's death

Santa Ana Police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a man who stole a 15-year-old girl's iPhone, setting off a chain of events that ended in her death.

Clippers sale trial: Donald Sterling denounces doctor's Alzheimer's claims

Sterling was testy during his 90-minute appearance Tuesday afternoon, calling doctors who declared him to have Alzheimer's disease as "hired guns."

Fishermen who hooked shark in Manhattan Beach won't be cited

California state officials don't plan to cite fishermen who hooked a great white shark that bit a swimmer near the Manhattan Beach pier.

The social worker who saved Taylor Orci from child abuse

"Sweetheart, this man wants to ask you some questions," my dad said as he knelt down and looked me in the eyes so intensely I thought I would shatter into pieces.

LA jail scandal: Feds likely to revamp strategy in deputy's retrial

Federal prosecutors told a judge Monday they'll retry an L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Lawyers: Judge approves NFL concussion settlement

A federal judge on Monday granted preliminary approval to a landmark deal that would compensate thousands of former NFL players for concussion-related claims.

LAPD won't heed federal immigration hold requests

The Department said Monday it will only honor ICE requests if there has been a judicial determination of probable cause or a warrant from a judicial officer.

Pope to sex abuse victims: I beg your forgiveness

Francis pledged "not to tolerate harm done to a minor by any individual, whether a cleric or not," and promised that bishops "will be held accountable."

Daughter of woman in CHP beating video calls for justice

Family members of a woman who was repeatedly punched in the face after being chased by a California Highway Patrol officer are calling for answers.

Feds plan to retry sheriff's deputy accused of thwarting FBI

Less than a week after six of his colleagues were convicted of trying to obstruct an FBI investigation into jail violence, deputy James Sexton will be recharged.

Coast Guard’s deadly accidents highlight safety lapses

'Reveal' examines the safety record of the U.S. Coast Guard and finds lapses in judgment and missed opportunities to strengthen safety standards.

Cal State Northridge frat suspended after pledge dies on hike

A fraternity at Cal State Northridge has been ordered to suspend all activities while the school and sheriff's detectives investigate the death of a pledge on a hike.

'Pillow Case Rapist' release delayed due to norovirus outbreak

A virus outbreak at a state lockup forced a delay of next week's planned release of the so-called "Pillow Case Rapist" to an unincorporated area near Palmdale.

Bryan Stow v. Dodgers: Still no verdict in fan beating case

The jury in the Stow civil case still has not arrived at a decision, after telling the judge this week they were deadlocked. It’s now been six days of deliberations.

Supreme Court grants Wheaton College religious belief plea

A divided Supreme Court on Thursday allowed Wheaton to avoid filling out a document the college says would violate its religious beliefs due to its stance on contraception.

Man accused of setting 20 fires in Los Angeles

Prosecutors say a man described as a transient has been charged with setting more than 20 small trash fires throughout Los Angeles this year.