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Sikhs in Fresno worried after recent attacks

Sikh-Americans in Fresno are apprehensive in the wake of two recent attacks in the area on elderly Sikh men.

Governor rejects parole for man guilty of shooting officer

Jesus Salvador Cecena was a 17-year-old gang member at the time of the shooting and was tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for shooting San Diego Officer Archie Buggs, 30, four times.

California man charged with hitting Uber driver sues driver

Former Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden of Newport Beach was arrested in November and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for allegedly hitting 23-year-old driver Edward Caban.

Many questions remain elusive in San Bernardino terror attack

Some of the most basic questions remain the most elusive to answer — was anyone else involved, was more violence planned, and why was the attack site chosen?

Deputy says driver shot when it looked like he was going for gun

Authorities say a deputy who thought a driver was reaching for a gun fired and mortally wounded the man during a traffic stop in Santa Clarita.

Jury convicts Mexican Mafia boss from Orange County

A longtime member of the Mexican Mafia prison gang who exerted control over Latino street gangs in Orange County for three decades was convicted Wednesday of federal racketeering offenses.

Crime up in LA but chief says there's no one reason

Violent crime jumped 20 percent. Police blame a variety of factors, and say L.A. is still at near historic lows for crime.

LA homeowners falling prey to loan modification scams

The L.A. City Attorney on Thursday announced charges against two men who collected fees for loan modifications without doing the work.

You, too, can dress like 'El Chapo'

A Los Angeles-based clothing company has identified Joaquin Guzmán's flashy shirt, as seen in his photo with Sean Penn, as one of theirs — and they're seizing the moment of fame with a splashy ad.

LAPD chief: Decision to recommend charges against officer ‘obvious’

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has recommended criminal charges against Officer Clifford Proctor in the May fatal shooting of an unarmed homeless man in Venice.

Bowe Bergdahl lawyers clash over decorations, classified info

Lawyers clashed Tuesday morning at a preliminary hearing for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. He sneaked off his post in Afghanistan in 2009 and was held for five years by the Taliban.

Jury recommends death in OC double killing, dismemberment case

A jury is recommending death for a Southern California man who killed two people and dismembered one of them in order to steal money and cover his tracks.

LAPD chief recommends charges in fatal Venice police shooting

The May 2015 shooting involved 29-year-old Brandon Glenn. Glenn, a local homeless man, was black, as was the officer. The incident sparked a public outcry.

Man shot, killed by officers in San Fernando Valley

A suspect was hit by gunfire and pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Sheriff's Department.

LA supervisors debate who should serve as sheriff watchdogs

At issue is whether former deputies should sit on the newly created Civilian Oversight Commission. Activists who called for oversight say no.

Supreme Court considers case on California public union fees

At the Supreme Court on Monday, union opponents are seeking to reverse a 1977 decision that allows public employee unions to collect fees from those who don't join the union but are protected by it.