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Experiencing the 'realities of being a police officer'

A group that raises money for police officers subjected to investigation or lawsuits is using a simulator program to help outsiders understand the challenges of the job.

13 seconds from stop to shots: The events that led to Ezell Ford's death

Documents prepared by the LAPD and the Inspector General detail the events that led to the LAPD shooting of Ezell Ford. We reconstruct them step by step.

Ezell Ford: Ruling, reaction to police shooting shows why LA isn't Ferguson

An LA police commission ruling in the shooting of an unarmed mentally ill black man was a mixed finding, and the muted reaction to it underscores how LA differs from other cities.

Lawyer: Prior calls took 'emotional toll' on Texas officer

Attorney Jane Bishkin said David Eric Casebolt, known to friends and family as Eric, apologizes for his treatment of the girl and to others offended by his actions.

Ezell Ford family: Time for DA to 'step up'

The mother of an unarmed man shot and killed by LAPD officers is relieved one of the officers' actions were found to be improper and now calls on the District Attorney to file charges.

LA Police Commission finds Ezell Ford shooting out of policy

The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners ruled Tuesday the shooting death of Ezell Ford, an unarmed mentally ill black man, was outside departmental policy.

Officer in Texas police pool incident resigns

The police officer whose video-recorded actions at a North Texas pool party have drawn national attention and comment has resigned from the police force.

Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor in Manson trial, dies at 80

Bugliosi prosecuted Charles Manson and his female followers, winning convictions in one of America's most sensational trials. He also wrote "Helter Skelter," a book about the Manson Family.

LA County tackles homeless ex-felon problem

L.A. County's Probation Department will start paying the rent for hundreds of homeless probationers. The program's designed to eventually find ex-felons jobs.

Anaheim police shoot, kill man armed with knife

Police in Anaheim shot and killed a man who approached them during a traffic stop with a knife. Two officers shot the man; neither officer was injured.

Officer identified in shooting of unarmed Long Beach student

According to NBC 4 Morad was not armed when Officer Mathew Hernandez came into contact with him. Morad was allegedly seen jumping off a building.

Supreme Court rejects NRA challenge to S.F. gun rules

The case centered on a law requiring residents to keep handguns under lock and key or to use trigger locks when not carrying their weapons. Another measure bans the sale of hollow-point bullets.

Kalief Browder, jailed for years without trial, kills himself

Browder was arrested for allegedly stealing a backpack. His family couldn't pay bail so he stayed in jail, reportedly enduring beatings and solitary confinement before his case was dismissed in 2013.

Ex-SC officer indicted for murder in shooting of Walter Scott

The shooting April 4 was captured on video by a bystander and showed officer Michael Slager firing eight times as 50-year-oldWalter Scott ran away.

Supreme Court strikes down 'born in Jerusalem' passport law

The ruling upholds a policy that is part of the government's refusal to recognize any nation's sovereignty over Jerusalem until Israelis and Palestinians resolve its status through negotiations.

Ezell Ford protesters still camped outside LA mayor's home

The protesters arrived outside Eric Garcetti's home on Sunday and plan to stay through Tuesday, when the Police Commission will receive findings on the shooting of Ezell Ford.