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What's the legal endgame for Mueller's Russia probe?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
| What laws could the special counsel use in potential prosecutions? Who is his ultimate target? No one on the outside knows but his actions offer some clues.

Misconduct accusations followed top gossip editor Dylan Howard


After running American Media's L.A. office, a stint that was punctuated by allegations of sexual harassment, Howard was accused of harassing behavior at Celebuzz.

Rancho Tehama shooter committed suicide


Authorities said that a gunman who killed five people in rural Northern California community didn't die from a police bullet.

These police officers were assigned to help the homeless, but did they?


The LAPD launched its program in 2016 and its officers have contacted thousands of homeless people. But its unclear how many actually received help.


Arrests for illegal border crossings hit 46-year low


Under the Trump presidency, there's been a dramatic shift in arrests of undocumented immigrants from the Southwest border to the interior of the nation.

5 big numbers you should know from LA’s cash bail system


A UCLA study shows defendants and their families paid out nearly $200 million in non-refundable fees to bail agents over a five year period to get out of jail.

SoCal man confesses to molesting 50 children


The 18-year-old turned himself in to Riverside police after allegedly telling his mother he had sexually assaulted two boys at a motel.

Police identify Penny Pincher Bandit as man in North Hollywood shooting


Undercover officers were on a stakeout investigating a series of robberies in the San Fernando Valley when they encountered the 37-year old suspect.

Los Angeles chases a growing mass of sex cases


Police are untangling a growing number of sexual assault and harassment complaints against powerful men, creating challenges even for authorities used to handling celebrities