Crime & Justice

Supreme Court will hear case on transgender bathroom rules

The justices will decide the case of a Virginia school board that wants to prevent a transgender teen from using the boys' bathroom.

LA supervisors to vote on civilian oversight of sheriff

After three years of wrangling, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors is expected to approve a 9-member civilian panel to watchdog the sheriff's department.

In light of surprise Malheur Refuge verdict, a look at the history of jury nullification

On Thursday, a jury acquitted all seven defendants involved in the occupation of Malheur national wildlife refuge in southeast Oregon.

Los Angeles sued over gang injunctions affecting thousands

The suit says an estimated 10,000 mainly black and Latino men face parole-like restrictions without having a previous court hearing or other chance to prove they aren't gang members.

Death penalty sought in shooting deaths of 2 Palm Springs cops

Felix, described as "self-admitted and known gang member," is believed to have ambushed the officers when they were responding to a family disturbance call.

Santa Ana will pay $100,000 to settle pot shop raid lawsuit

The suit was filed after surveillance video showed police playing darts and an officer making demeaning comments about a woman in a wheelchair.

LA County moves forward with jails despite protest

Supervisors on Tuesday approved an environmental impact report for a 1,600-bed women's jail in Lancaster and $106 million in funding to plan a nearly 4,000-bed replacement for the Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles.

Police to discuss arrest in threats against Islamic center

Los Angeles police plan a Tuesday afternoon press conference to discuss details of a man arrested on suspicion of making repeated criminal threats against the Islamic Center of Southern California.

Dreadlocks decision raises another question: What is race?

An appeals court decided last month that dreadlocks aren't a common racial characteristic. But what is a common racial characteristic?

Police search for shooter in downtown LA

A man is dead and police are looking for at least one assailant after a Saturday afternoon shooting at the Gas Co. Lofts.

Ex-California lawmaker Ron Calderon gets prison in bribe case

Calderon was sentenced Friday to 3½ years in prison in a corruption scandal in which he acknowledged taking bribes in exchange for his influence in Sacramento.

Report: half of US adults are in facial recognition databases used by police

A new report finds images of more than half of adults living in the US are stored in a series of police facial recognition databases, in many cases without any prior contact with police.

Commemorating LA's Chinese Massacre, possibly the worst lynching in US history

Monday marks the 145th anniversary of the Chinese Massacre, when vigilantes tortured and hanged at least 18 Chinese men and boys in LA's Chinatown.

Man in critical condition after being shot by Long Beach police officer

Police say the man, who was holding a knife, was shot when he advanced on the officer in the city's Naples area.

Report: Schools' reliance on police harms black, poor students most

The ongoing debate over whether police should be called to school campuses is being renewed by a new ACLU of CA study.

Beck: Police use-of-force reforms won't mean change in disciplining

In fewer than 90 days, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s department must propose specific ways to increase transparency after officer-involved shootings.