Crime & Justice

Robert Durst eyes Los Angeles-area prison

In a Monday court filing, Durst's lawyers say Durst is ill and that California's Terminal Island prison has the sort of medical facilities he needs.

Shelter director: 'Spice' is the most vexing drug Skid Row has seen

The synthetic drug 'spice' is responsible for some of the most disturbing behavior Skid Row has seen, according to Union Rescue Mission CEO Andy Bales.

100-mph freeway chase ends in naked arrest in Los Angeles

The chase started near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and ended downtown when the woman got out of her car and stripped naked as police tried to arrest her.

DA to retry ex-LA Councilman Richard Alarcon for voting fraud

Richard Alarcon and his wife were convicted in 2014 of fraudulent voting and perjury, but an appeals court overturned the conviction in January.

FBI head suggests agency paid more than $1M to access iPhone

The Justice Department last month said an entity outside the government had approached it with a way to crack the phone used by one of the suspects in the San Bernardino shooting.

LAPD Chief Beck on property seizures, a police shooting and more

After a court injunction barring LAPD from seizing property of homeless persons, how are police officers balancing safety issues? This and more with Chief Beck.

Controller recommends shifting 458 LAPD jobs to civilians

There were 458 positions identified that could be filled by civilians. Examples Galperin listed include front desk jobs, administrative work, social media and more.

LA Police Commission rules unarmed man's shooting within policy

The L.A. Police Commission ruled Tuesday that the shooting of an unarmed man on June 19 of last year was within the LAPD's policy. The vote was 4-0.

Supreme Court court tie lets states face lawsuits in other states

A tie vote from the Supreme Court means California officials can be hauled into a Nevada state court to face allegations in a long-running tax dispute with a Nevada inventor.

More police shootings violated LAPD policy in 2015

Last week's finding that an LAPD officer had no cause to shoot and kill Brendon Glenn was the fifth 2015 shooting found out of policy so far, an uptick from recent years.

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Google's online library

The Supreme Court turned away a challenge to Google's online book library from authors who complained that the project makes it harder for them to market their work.

Supreme Court weighs Obama's executive action on immigration

Twenty-six states are challenging the action, which would grant temporary, quasi-legal status and work permits to as many as 4 million parents who entered the U.S. illegally prior to 2010.

LAPD failed to report policy on license plate readers

Law enforcement across Southern California employ automated license plate readers. But many have failed to make their policies on the technology public.

Officers shoot man during murder investigation in LA County

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Saturday the two Huntington Park police officers investigating a past murder were conducting surveillance in an unmarked car on Friday night.

Chinese man returned to US to face murder charges

Los Angeles County Sheriff's officials said FBI agents and sheriff's detectives escorted 44-year-old Deyun Shi back to Los Angeles International Airport on Friday.

Parole board approves Manson follower Leslie Van Houten's release

After more than four decades in prison, former Manson family murderer Leslie Van Houten's request for parole has been approved by a state board. Now, Gov. Brown must sign off.