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Arraignment For Marion 'Suge' Knight

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Judge denies witness details in rap mogul's case

A judge on Friday said lawyers for Marion "Suge" Knight cannot receive additional information about several potential witnesses in the murder case against the one-time rap mogul.

As crime rises, LAPD promises to keep extra cops in South LA

After a spike in the murder rate earlier in the year, the LAPD set up a special operation to police South LA. Those officers will remain at least through summer.

Three Police Officers Shot And Killed In Baton Rouge

Veterans react to back-to-back shootings of police by former military men


An exploration of the relation between police and the military and how the recent back-to-back attacks on police are impacting those communities.

How terror plots have become more simple and harder to detect

There is growing concern that the nature of terrorism is changing— from precise and planned to simple and crude attacks that can still inflict major damage.

Reseda church seizes on moment to discuss community policing

In the wake of the past three weeks of violence, a reverend in Reseda is bringing together his African American congregation and police in a town hall.

LAPD community outreach cops: Tension level seems 'unprecedented'

A chat with law enforcement officials and a community leader about how police can better connect with the community and how citizens can show support.

LA County approves $10 million payout to wrongfully convicted man

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved a $10.1 million payout to a Lynwood man who spent 20 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit.

How white parents talk with their black and biracial sons about race

This week on The Brood, Take Two's family and parenting segment, we explore how white parents teach their black and biracial kids about interacting with the police.

Police killed in surprise attacks in the U.S. and its territories

Authorities said Monday that police officers were clearly targeted and ambushed in this weekend's shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which killed three officers and wounded three others. It's the latest such ambush in the United States, and happened just 10 days after five police officers in Dallas were gunned down.

Judge balks at Baca plea deal

A federal judge rejected a plea deal for former L.A. Sheriff Baca, saying the deal — with a maximum sentence of six months — would trivialize the seriousness of his offenses.

Baton Rouge: LAPD chief says discussion 'must be free of violence'

Three law enforcement officers were killed and three others wounded Sunday morning in a shooting at a gas station in Baton Rouge. Follow coverage from KPCC here.

Senior police officer in Freddie Gray case found not guilty

Lt. Brian Rice was found not guilty of manslaughter. He is the highest-ranking of the six Baltimore police officers who were charged in the death of Freddie Gray last year.

Police tackle rise in gambling 'slaphouses' in Orange County

Inside the homes, players try their hand at video poker or blackjack. But one of the biggest draws is a six-seater table featuring a video game that gamblers play for money.

3 police officers killed in Baton Rouge shooting

The shooting — which happened just before 9 a.m., less than 1 mile from police headquarters — comes amid spiraling tensions across the city.

UC Berkeley student confirmed dead in Nice, France attack

A memorial is planned for Nicolas Leslie, 20, on Monday afternoon on campus.

The Game's anti-violence summit draws big crowds

An overflow crowd has gathered in South L.A. for a town-hall style meeting about curbing violence. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, performer will, activists and gang members were there.