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5 charged in $580M Southern California kickback scheme

The fraud involved paying tens of millions of dollars to have doctors and others refer patients to Pacific Hospital of Long Beach and Tri-City Regional Medical Center in Hawaiian Gardens.

Killings by Police Chicago

Chicago officer charged with murder in killing of black teen Laquan McDonald


He was charged a day before the deadline a judge set for the city to release a squad-car video of the killing that officials fear will spark unrest.

Ron Thomas

Ron Thomas explains why he accepted $4.9M settlement

Opening statements were set to begin Monday, but instead came the news that Kelly Thomas's father had settled his wrongful death suit for $4.9 million.

5 people shot at site of Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis

Police said they were looking for three white male suspects. Witnesses said the men opened on protesters after they were asked to leave. Five people suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Are last-minute death penalty delays cruel and unusual punishment?

The death penalty in the U.S. is under scrutiny after a series of botched executions. Some death row lawyers and activists say the repeated delays are torture for prisoners like Richard Glossip.

City attorney targets 2 South LA properties with gang lawsuit

The City Attorney's Office said Monday it had filed lawsuits against the owners of both properties in response to an uptick in violence and criminal activity over the past year.

DNA clears man of 3 rapes, points to Teardrop Rapist

A Los Angeles judge on Monday exonerated a man convicted of three rapes after DNA evidence linked the crimes to a serial rapist wanted for assaults dating back two decades.

2 more charged in shooting death of Downey police officer

Two more people have been charged in the shooting death of Downey police officer Ricardo "Ricky" Galvez. They could face the death penalty.

Ron Thomas settles civil case over son's beating for $4.9 million

Fullerton city officials and the father of Kelly Thomas, who was beaten by police officers in 2011, have agreed to settle for $4.9 million.

Lawsuit seeks more help for mentally ill jail inmates

Civil rights lawyers representing mentally ill former inmates say many of them end up homeless and back in jail within weeks or months.

2 men shot to death near East LA playground

The shooting occurred at 11:38 a.m. Sunday morning at Ruben Salazar Park, according to authorities. One died at the scene, while the other died in the hospital.

2 managers plead guilty in explosion at California plant

The November 2014 blast at Santa Clara Wastewater in Ventura County sent 52 people to hospitals, including 10 firefighters.

16-year-old charged in Downey officer's murder

A 16-year-old male was charged Friday with one count of murder in the shooting death of Downey Police Officer Ricardo Galvez.

Fontana police shoot, kill suspect while responding to disturbance call

A Fontana police officer shot and killed a man in Fontana early Friday morning while responding to a report of a suspect who was allegedly banging on a neighbor's door.

LA County launches task force to combat human trafficking

The Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force brings together local law enforcement, state and federal prosecutors and community organizations.

Officer Involved: police relations differ in 2 neighborhoods

Some people act the way they do around the police because of past experience. In Beverly Grove, people shared positive feelings. In Watts, it's a different story.