Crime & Justice

Jury recommends 2nd death sentence for LA killer Turner

A jury has recommended another death sentence for a man who's already on death row for murdering 10 women in the Los Angeles area.

Bryan Stow trial: Jury begins deliberating in civil suit against Dodgers (updated)

In his closing argument in the civil suit against the Dodgers, the plaintiff's lawyer said the team "didn't do doodly squat" to prevent a fight that left Giants fan Bryan Stow brain damaged.

Supreme Court voids 35-foot abortion clinic buffer

The justices were unanimous Thursday that extending a buffer zone 35 feet from clinic entrances violates the First Amendment rights of protesters.

Supreme Court limits cellphone searches: What it means for you

The justices say cellphones are powerful devices unlike anything else police may find on someone they arrest. How will this affect L.A.?

Bryan Stow, fan injured at Dodger Stadium, attends trial

Bryan Stow was brought to court in a wheelchair Wednesday morning as jurors listened to a security expert's recorded deposition.

1 dead in shooting outside hotel near LAX

The shooting took place just after noon outside the Westin Hotel on Century Boulevard, though it wasn't clear where the incident started.

Supreme Court rules against Aereo, in favor of broadcasters

The justices said Wednesday by a 6-3 vote that Aereo Inc. is violating the broadcasters' copyrights by taking the signals for free.

Latinos heavily impacted by justice system, report finds

A new report shows Latinos are disproportionately impacted by crime and the justice system, both as victims and as criminal defendants.

Bryan Stow trial: Life expectancy at issue in civil case

The expected lifespan of the San Francisco Giants fan severely beaten in Los Angeles has become an issue in the trial of a lawsuit against the Dodgers.

Baby's death linked to alleged massive workers' comp scheme

A doctor indicted for involuntary manslaughter is sued by parents who claim a cream he prescribed killed their 5-month-old infant.

38 California arrests in child-trafficking sweep

FBI officials announced the results of last week's national roundup on Monday as they try to draw attention to what they describe as a pervasive problem.

Defibrillators not required in stores, state Supreme Court rules

Justices ruled that a requirement to have defibrillators on hand to help treat customers and workers who suffer sudden cardiac arrest was an unfair burden on Target Corp.

Supreme Court limits existing EPA global warming rules

The justices said Monday that the Environmental Protection Agency lacks authority in some cases to force companies to evaluate ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Homicide suspected in 2 California inmate deaths

Officials say foul play is suspected in the deaths of two inmates at a federal prison in Southern California, which is on lockdown as an investigation proceeds.

Police: Soccer star Hope Solo arrested in assault

U.S. women's soccer star Hope Solo was arrested at a suburban Seattle home early Saturday on suspicion of assaulting her sister and 17-year-old nephew, police said.

In Sicilian Mafia stronghold, pope says mobsters excommunicated

Pope Francis made the statement during an open air mass in Italy, saying mafiosos have a "contempt for the common good."