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Deadly Oakland fire sends alarms through LA

After more than 30 people died in an Oakland warehouse, L.A. officials are asking the public to report warehouses being used for concerts, parties and shelter.

How to help families of the victims of the Oakland fire

Many are wondering how they can help those affected by the warehouse fire. Here’s a list of five fundraisers and ongoing relief efforts.

Murder charge possible in Oakland warehouse fire

Prosecutors say they are investigating the warehouse fire that killed 36 people as it ripped through an Oakland warehouse during a late-night dance party on Friday.

Oakland fire: dangerous conditions hamper recovery effort

At least 36 people died at a warehouse party in Oakland. But with the roof collapsed and a rain storm on the way, firefighters are racing against time to recover more victims.

Memorial planned for slain USC professor

Students and faculty will gather Monday at noon to remember Bosco Tjan, known for both his intellect and his generosity.

Students: Slain USC prof was caring; arrested student was quiet

Was grad student David Jonathan Brown, arrested in the stabbing of professor Bosco Tjan, a quiet but seemingly normal young man or troubled and filled with quiet rage?

Jewish family battles Spain museum over art looted by Nazis

Who owns an 1897 Camille Pissarro painting? The family that gave it up in 1939 to escape the Holocaust? Or the Spanish museum that bought it?

Suspect ID'd in fatal USC stabbing

The USC campus is reeling after the death of psychology professor Bosco Tjan.

USC professor stabbed and killed, student in custody

A University of Southern California faculty member was stabbed and killed on campus Friday afternoon. Police said a student was being held as a suspect on $1 million bail.

LA agrees to $4M settlement in fatal Venice police shooting

The city of Los Angeles has agreed to a $4 million settlement of a federal lawsuit filed by the family of an unarmed homeless man shot and killed by police in May 2015 in Venice, court records show. The settlement is conditional on approval by the Los Angeles City Council, according to court records.

HighQ: Can you smoke and grow weed in your rental unit?

While growing and smoking marijuana might be legal in California, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can grow and smoke it in your own home.

Homegrown terror: One year after San Bernardino, are we safer?

Streamlined collaboration between local and federal law enforcement is helping authorities to detect and foil plots more effectively than before.

DHS panel recommends gov't keep private immigration jails

A government advisory panel recommended Thursday that the Homeland Security Department continue using private, for-profit jails to house immigrants facing deportation.

San Bernardino cops reflect one year after terrorist attack

One year after a mass shooting left 14 dead and 22 injured, Chief Jarrod Burguan says his department is forever changed and is investing in tools to prevent terror.

No charges for officers in fatal Skid Row shooting

Three LAPD officers were justified in shooting 43-year-old Charly "Africa" Keunang because he attempted to take possession of another officer's gun, according to the DA's office.

A year after attack in San Bernardino, faithful seek unity

Some feared there would be a prolonged, hate-filled response to the terror attack, but residents say their worst fears about a backlash in their own community never materialized.