Crime & Justice

2 dead, 2 injured in East Hollywood shooting

Los Angeles police are searching for a gunman who shot two people in what is believed to be gang-related violence.

Jury can't decide sanity of German who set Los Angeles fires

The same jury previously found the former Frankfurt resident guilty of nearly 50 arson counts for fires he set around New Year's 2012.

Tustin officer killed man less than a second after command, court says

The court said Officer Osvaldo Villareal couldn't reasonably have feared for his safety when he shot 31-year-old Benny Herrera after responding to a domestic dispute call in December 2011.

Ex-NASCAR star Robby Gordon tries to handle parents' death

Police announced that they believe Robert Gordon, 68, strangled his wife, 57-year-old Sharon Gordon, then fatally shot himself.

LA Coliseum’s ex-events manager sentenced in embezzlement case

Todd DeStefano, 43, last month pleaded no contest to a felony conflict of interest charge for allegedly diverting Coliseum event funds to his own company.

LAPD commission calls for closer look at racial profiling claims

Commissioner Cynthia McClain-Hill called for the motion Tuesday after hearing from LAPD officials that the department has not upheld any allegations of biased policing since 2013.

FBI refuses to say why an agent killed a Compton man

While the Department of Justice has called for more transparency after police shootings, the FBI has given few details about the fatal shooting of David Coborubio.

2 Los Angeles officers charged with DUI accident coverup

Prosecutors say the officers decided not to conduct an investigation, putting the man in their patrol car, driving him to his apartment and telling him to get some sleep.

Rams agree to pay for security at LA Coliseum

The agreement also covers the cost of fire and sanitation services. The team has agreed to make retroactive payments for two preseason home games from last month.

Man who stole officer's car dies while being detained in San Gabriel

Homicide detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department are investigating the death of the man, whose identity has not been released.

LA County law enforcement shot at cars 28 times over 5 years

Only four agencies had multiple vehicle shootings, including Glendale, which has a policy allowing police to shoot at cars they perceive are being used as weapons.

Brock Turner sex assault focuses attention on sex offender registries

The ex-Stanford student recently became a registered sex offender for life, but a growing number of people have been questioning the fairness of the lifetime registry system.

7 Bay Area police officers to be charged over sex scandal

The ever-deepening scandal has thrown the Oakland Police Department into crisis and put dozens of other officers under suspicion.

Report provides finer detail of San Bernardino terror attack

A new report from the Police Foundation, a policy study group, and the Department of Justice says three men tried to stop the armed couple, rushing at them before being shot.

Crews find, test items in dig for Cal Poly student missing 20 years

Kristin Smart has been missing since 1996. After digging near the landmark "P" at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this week, authorities are analyzing some items to see if they are related to the case.

Ties are tense between the police and people of Skid Row

Forrest Stuart documented the police strategy in Skid Row, and how the people of Skid Row would go to great lengths to avoid trouble.