Crime & Justice

Man charged with attempted murder of 10 LA sheriff's deputies

Prosecutors have charged a man with attempting to murder 10 L.A. County sheriff's deputies during a running gunbattle while fleeing a DUI checkpoint in Bellflower last week.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, 'Happy Birthday'

'Happy Birthday' is finally free, and the company that claimed to own the song has agreed to refund $14 million to those who have paid licensing fees to use it.

Former LA County undersheriff sentenced to 5 years, out as Gardena mayor

Former L.A. County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka was convicted of obstruction of justice and conspiracy for attempting to thwart an investigation into jail violence.

Supreme Court rules domestic abusers can lose gun-ownership rights

In a 6-2 vote, the justices concluded that misdemeanor assault convictions for domestic violence are sufficient to invoke a federal ban on firearms possession.

Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion clinic regulations

The majority opinion for the court held that the widely replicated regulations are medically unnecessary and unconstitutionally limit a woman's right to an abortion.

White nationalists, protesters clash in Sacramento; 10 hurt

Members of right-wing extremist groups clashed with anti-fascist counter-protesters outside the California state Capitol building in Sacramento.

To help a criminal go straight, help him change how he thinks

More than half of prisoners released from prison are rearrested within a year. Cognitive therapy can help prisoners change the thinking that gets them in trouble, like "I'll never back down."

2 LA sheriff's deputies shot, suspect in custody

A man who shot two deputies Thursday night in Bellflower, leaving them critically wounded, has been caught and is now in custody, sheriff's officials said Friday.

Man in Burbank McDonald's turns gun on himself after police shoot-out

Three officers from the Burbank Police Department responded to calls of a man causing a disturbance.

Family of man shot by Long Beach police awarded $2.9 million

Long Beach police officers said they believed Tyler Woods was reaching for a gun in his waistband and shot him 19 times as he climbed on top of a roof following a foot chase.

How to keep your car's catalytic converter from being stolen

A large portion of car parts stolen recently have been from the Toyota Prius. How come? These particular models come with more valuable materials in the converter.

Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise nationally, down in CA

The number of incidents dropped slightly in California in recent years, despite several high-profile incidents on college campuses.

Convicted killer freed as LA DA reinvestigates his alleged crime

A judge in Los Angeles has ordered a convicted killer freed after prosecutors said they have new doubts that he killed a college student 16 years ago.

Supreme Court upholds university's affirmative action program

In a 4-3 decision, the court decided that the University of Texas' "race-conscious admissions program" is constitutional.

Citing doubts, Los Angeles prosecutors want to free convicted killer

The district attorney's office plans to ask a judge on Thursday to release Raymond Jennings on his own recognizance while it investigates.

All LAPD patrol officers will wear body cameras by 2018

The Los Angeles City Council Wednesday approved a $69.6 million plan to place body worn cameras on 7,000 Los Angeles patrol officers by the end of 2017.