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LAPD Chief: Skid Row dealers complained of carpal tunnel from counting singles

L.A.'s Skid Row has seen a rash of drug overdoses recently, but did last month's arrest of 19 drug trafficking suspects last month change things on the streets?

PetSmart groomer arrested after dachshund in his care dies

Police say 38-year-old Juan Zarate was about three minutes into a grooming session Sunday when he brought the dog to its owner with a bleeding mouth and trouble breathing.

7 ex-Beaumont officials charged with $43 million corruption

Seven former Beaumont officials, including the city manager, city attorney and police chief, were charged Tuesday with stealing nearly $43 million in public funds.

Woman sues Cosby, Hefner, alleging abuse at Playboy Mansion

Chloe Goins sued Monday, claiming Hefner knew or should have known that Cosby had drugged and sexually abused women and enabled his behavior.

California may make lethal drugs for the death penalty

Amid decisions by pharmaceutical companies to block the sale of lethal drugs to prisons, California officials look to other sources — including their own pharmacies.

2 former LA deputies convicted of beating mentally ill inmate

The former deputies were convicted Monday of violating the civil rights of a mentally ill inmate by kicking and pepper spraying the inmate.

California ballot measure blamed for shoplifting jump

Large retailers say shoplifting increased at least 15 percent, and in some cases doubled, since voters approved Proposition 47 and ended the possibility of charging shoplifting as a felony with a prison sentence.

Man killed, 2 LAPD officers hurt in Boyle Heights

Police say a gunfight broke out at about 8:30 p.m. Friday between officers and a suspected gang member, who was killed after shooting one of the officers in the shoulder.

Pfizer to stop selling drugs for use in lethal injections

The drugmaker was the "last remaining open-market source of drugs used in executions," The New York Times reported. Other U.S. and European firms had already blocked drugs from use in executions.

White House honors 3 officers for ending college shooting

Officers Jason Salas and Robert Sparks and Capt. Raymond Bottenfield were honored by President Obama Monday with the Medal of Valor.

Audit questions executive salaries at California state bar

The audit is the latest blow to the nation's largest state bar, which has also been accused of failing to protect the public from bad lawyers and experienced years of infighting.

Victims testify in Grim Sleeper death penalty hearing

Many family members of Lonnie Franklin Jr.'s victims are asking for the death penalty for the convicted serial killer known as the "Grim Sleeper."

San Bernardino shooting victim set to receive posthumous degree

The 26-year-old worked for the county of San Bernardino and was just two classes away from getting her associate degree in liberal arts and sciences.

Sammy Davis Jr's gun among 791 returned at LA's Gun Buyback

One was a gun designed to look like a pen — registered to legendary entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. It was also government-issued.

Police: Mom helped capture murder suspect in Mexico

William Sotelo — who was 17 at the time but was charged as an adult — faces counts including murder and attempted murder. Dinco didn't know if he has a lawyer.

Homeless man shot twice not cooperating with police

The victim was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries following the shooting early Wednesday.