Crime & Justice

Governor vetoes bill that would limit police drone use

Governor Jerry Brown vetoes a bill that would have required California law enforcement to secure a warrant in order to use drones for surveillance assignments.

Sarah Jones' death: 1st AD on 'Midnight Rider' faces criminal charges

Hillary Schwartz was charged Sept. 10 with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass and could face a combined sentence of up to 11 years in prison if convicted.

California approves landmark 'yes means yes' law

The bill's author has said it will begin a paradigm shift in how college campuses in California prevent and investigate sexual assaults.

Reality TV crew's bag causes bomb scare at LAX

A television crew's bag full of what turned out to be video equipment touched off a brief bomb scare Sunday on an American Eagle flight bound for Oregon.

To counter gun violence, LA researchers seek deeper data

For the first time in nearly 20 years, federal money is flowing into gun violence research. There's also growing momentum behind creating a reliable national database for firearm injuries and deaths.

California protesters block Israeli-owned ship

Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked an Israeli ship from docking at the Port of Oakland Saturday.

LA Sheriff's detectives investigate 2 dead

One man was shot and another allegedly committed suicide after they struggled for control of a handgun early Sunday morning, authorities said.

Ferguson police banned from wearing 'I am Darren Wilson' bracelets

In a letter, the Justice Department said the accessory was "exacerbating an already tense atmosphere." The police chief said he would institute a new policy.

2 men implicated in thefts of 15 Southern California ATMs

Federal prosecutors say two Southern California men stole more than $460,000 breaking into ATMs and were charged with attempted bank theft in a failed heist.

Driver who killed LA County bicyclist gets prison

The daughter of a Los Angeles police sergeant is going to prison for killing a 60-year-old bicyclist in a hit-and-run accident in June.

Navajo to get $554 million in settlement with US

The tribe agreed earlier this year to settle the case involving mismanagement of its resources, but it was awaiting signatures from federal agencies.

Ferguson police chief apologizes to Michael Brown's family

Thomas Jackson said he was sorry to the victim's family and to anyone who felt their right to "peacefully protest" had not been protected by authorities.

Woman punched by CHP officer settles for $1.5 million

A woman struck by a California Highway Patrol officer in a videotaped incident will receive $1.5 million under a settlement, and the officer has agreed to resign.

74-year-old gets 3 life terms in trio of serial murders

Samuel Little was convicted last month after cold case detectives matched his DNA to evidence at crime scenes in South Los Angeles.

LA County to collect more personal data without public notice

Without notice to the public, L.A. County law enforcement officials are preparing to widen what personal information they collect from people they encounter in the field and in jail.

'Jersey Shore's 'The Situation' indicted for $9 million in tax fraud

The former MTV reality show star and his brother allegedly filed bogus returns on nearly $9 million and claimed millions in bogus business expenses.