Crime & Justice

Black Lives Matter rally blocks 405 Freeway in Inglewood

The violence of the past week, involving the deaths of five police officers and two black men, was on a lot of people's minds at rallies across L.A. Sunday.

OC residents trade guns for gift cards

More than 675-weapons are off the streets after a Gun Buy Back event held Saturday by police in Anaheim.

SoCal man arrested on spy charges

Authorities say Gregory Allen Justice provided an undercover FBI agent he thought was a Russian spy with proprietary software technology and other info for use in satellites.

After Dallas, LA responds in different ways

From a Black Lives Matter art show to a Summer Night Lights basketball game, Angelenos react to the violence in Dallas with a push for social change, healing and better community relations.

Wife of SoCal police officer: 'I was afraid for him today'

The Dallas shootings have amplified fears around safety, both for families of law enforcement members as well as protesters still pushing for police reform.

Dallas attacks represent 'schism' in America, LAPD chief says

Police officers across Southern California are wearing black bands across their badges to mourn the deaths of five of their colleagues in Dallas.

5 Dallas police officers killed in sniper attack: What we know

Police say 12 officers were shot Thursday night; five of them died. One suspect is dead after an hours-long standoff in downtown Dallas.

One officer killed in Dallas was a former LA Sheriff's dispatcher

Lorne Ahrens, one of the police officers killed in the Dallas shooting, worked at the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department from 1991 to 2002.

Police killings prompt rappers to organize for peace

Snoop Dogg and Compton rapper, The Game, are just the latest artists to use their celebrity to call attention to the rash of police violence.

Search KPCC's analysis of officer-involved shootings in Los Angeles County

KPCC used documents from the LA District Atty.'s Office to track the number of people shot by LA County law enforcement during a five-year period.

Family of new LAPD officer: 'In any job, there's danger'

The killing of five Dallas police officers on Thursday night weighed on the minds of many people who came to see their family members and friends graduate from the Police Academy.

Becoming a cop the day after the Dallas shootings

"The eyes of the world are on you. Every camera, every cell phone, is taking your picture. You should not have to have a camera or cell phone to make you do the right thing."

Black Lives Matter attorney: 'The movement will not be distracted'

Los Angeles attorney Nana Gyamfi takes a controversial stance in the wake of the Dallas Police shooting, insisting the killings won't sidetrack black activists.

After sniper attack, how do police move forward?

L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell and retired police captain Greg Meyer discuss the reaction to Dallas from local law enforcement officials.

4 police officers killed, 7 others wounded by sniper fire in Dallas

Four Dallas law enforcement officers were shot and killed, and seven others and one civilian wounded by two snipers at the end of a march and rally in downtown Dallas.

Sterling, Castile shootings reignite criticism of police

A pair of fatal shootings by police, both with graphic cell phone footage and just 24-hours apart, has brought further criticism of law enforcement practices.