Crime & Justice

Chihuahua leads CHP on chase across Bay Bridge

The California Highway Patrol tweeted the small black dog "led us on quite a chase" Sunday and posted a video of it running furiously on the upper level of the bridge as it was trailed by a motorcycle officer.

San Bernardino County DA charges man in 1976 murder case

Larry James Allred, 61, who is in prison for an unrelated crime, will be charged with the murder of 18-year-old Cynthia Hernandez of Glendora in August 1976, prosecutor says.

Father charged with killing son for being gay

Man charged with fatally shooting his 29-year-old son for being gay had repeatedly threatened to kill him over his sexual orientation, prosecutors say.

Tanaka on trial: It was all Baca's idea

Taking the witness stand, former L.A. County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka testified that it wasn't his idea to hide a jail informant from federal handlers.

Knife found on OJ Simpson property has no link to murder case

The LAPD confirmed that there's no connection between the knife found at O.J. Simpson's former home and the grisly 1994 murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Family asks judge to declare Robert Durst's missing ex dead

In affidavits filed in Manhattan Surrogate's Court this week, Kathleen Durst's sisters and mother ask a judge to issue a death certificate.

When it comes to police reform, insurance companies may play a role

There are limits to what the government can do, but it turns out that insurers look for ways to push police departments they cover to reduce risk.

Immigrant advocate charged with failing to help clients

An immigrant rights advocate known for helping two children get meetings with the pope has been charged with practicing law without a license and failing to help her clients.

FBI to help unlock iPhone linked to Arkansas murder case

Once the FBI announced that it had unlocked the iPhone of one of the shooters involved in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif., the bureau received other requests for assistance.

Lawsuit alleges surfers attack outsiders at Lunada Bay

The suit filed this week asks a federal judge to prevent the group known as the Lunada Bay Boys from congregating along the coast of wealthy Palos Verdes Estates.

Obama cuts sentences for 61 drug offenders, including 2 from SoCal

The administration is working to give new energy to calls for overhauling the criminal justice system. One of the SoCal inmates was also charged with firearm possession.

Oceanside man charged with killing herbalist, wife, child

Pierre Haobsh, 26, is charged with murdering the family of Chinese herbalist, Dr. Weidong "Henry" Han, after what may have been a business dispute.

The town that gives likely gun offenders $1K a month

Richmond is paying suspected offenders to prevent further gun violence. Is this a model that could work in other cities across the nation?

Supreme Court deadlocks on California union fee case

A tie vote from the Supreme Court on Tuesday handed a win to labor unions in a high-profile dispute over their ability to collect fees.

Anaheim police arrest 3 after anonymous threats

Police arrest juvenile student and two men in connection with the threats posted on app that allows people to post messages without disclosing their identities.

Federal agents' gang sweep nets 185 Southland arrests

The five-week enforcement effort, dubbed "Project Shadowfire," was led by agents in Homeland Security Investigations' national gang unit and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.