Crime & Justice

Arrest of heavily-armed suspect in Santa Monica rattles LA Pride event

Law enforcement officials arrested a heavily-armed suspect in Santa Monica early Sunday who told police he had been heading to L.A.'s Pride event.

Obama: 'An attack on any American ... Is an attack on all Americans'

President Obama said that we now know enough about the mass shooting in Orlando to say it was an "act of terror and an act of hate."

At West Hollywood Pride, spirits strong but also somber

It would be impossible to pretend the nightclub attack in Orlando hadn't cast a shadow over the West Hollywood Pride parade. But it didn't shatter the celebration.

49 slain in gay nightclub, worst mass shooting in US history

In the deadliest mass shooting in American history, a lone gunman armed with a pistol and an assault rifle killed 49 people and injured 53 more at a gay Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning.

Man wounded in deputy-involved Maywood shooting

One person was wounded in a deputy-involved shooting in Maywood on Saturday afternoon.

How ousting the judge in the Stanford sexual assault case could impact future cases

Michele Dauber, the Stanford law professor who's leading the effort to recall Judge Aaron Persky discusses why she's leading an effort to recall him.

Foster parents continue legal fight for Native American girl

Lawyers for a foster family who had to give up a 6-year-old girl with Native American heritage returned to an appellate court in Los Angeles on Friday in their latest legal effort to return the girl to California.

After 21 years, an abducted son and his grieving mother are reunited

DNA testing confirms that a 22-year-old law student in Mexico is the boy who was taken from his California home by his father more than two decades ago.

Does a photo database of inmates' tattoos violate privacy and First Amendment rights?

A government-funded program is testing out algorithms to understand and link up tattoos of inmates and others stopped by law enforcement agencies.

'Shield' actor sentenced to 40 years to life for killing wife

Michael Jace has been sentenced to 40 years to life in prison for killing his wife. Jace apologized to the family and said there's no justification for his actions.

Before the fight over trans restrooms, there was potty parity

Two women were kicked out of a Beyoncé concert for using the men's restroom because there was no line.

Appeals court rules no right to carry concealed weapons in public

The decision overturned a 2014 ruling by a smaller 9th Circuit panel and came in a lawsuit over the denial of concealed weapons permits by a sheriff in San Diego County.

Los Angeles police add 100 electric cars to fleet

The cars are not for regular police patrols. They will largely be used by the department's civilian workforce and sometimes by officers for non-emergency purposes.

Grim Sleeper serial killer sentenced to death

Lonnie Franklin Jr., who killed at least 10 women in South Los Angeles, has been sentenced to death. The so-called "Grim Sleeper" is one of L.A's most notorious killers.

California Supreme Court allows governor's prison plan

The court's decision means Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to reduce the state's prison population will come before voters in November.

Gun used in Minnesota, UCLA shootings appears to be the same

Preliminary ballistics tests on shell casings found at shooting scenes in Minnesota and at the UCLA were fired from the same gun, police said Friday.