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California man arrested after explosive device found in car

| Authorities say the device was "similar to a pipe bomb" but there was no indication of what he may have been intending to do with it.

California teens commit fewer crimes than their parents did


A new report finds Millennials had the lowest juvenile arrest rates of any generation. The shift follows a decades-long slide in youth crime and arrest rates.


Secret Service questions man who sent manure to Treasury secretary


A gift-wrapped box of horse poop was found Saturday night near Steve Mnuchin's Bel Air home.

LA police shoot machete-wielding man


A man in Canoga Park was fatally shot after LAPD officers were called to a domestic disturbance on Saturday night.

Judge rules American detainee in Iraq has a right to a lawyer


The federal judge sided with the ACLU and said the Pentagon should give the detained man, who has been held for three months without charge, immediate access to a lawyer.

Judge partially lifts Trump refugee ban


A federal judge ordered the government to process refugee applications — but only for people with a "bona fide" relationship to a person or an entity in the U.S.

Gov. Jerry Brown grants 132 pardons, 19 commutations


One of them is Candace Lee Fox, who has spent 33 years behind bars for a killing despite a plea deal that called for her release after 7 1/2 years.

Orange County jailhouse informant takes plea deal


Oscar Moriel was sentenced to 17 years in prison — and he gets credit for the time he's served since 2006 — even though he says he killed a half-dozen people.

LA fashion execs guilty of money laundering


Brothers Morad and Hersel Neman of Pacific Eurotex Corp. pleaded guilty to using their company to launder about $370,000 for what they thought was a drug cartel.