NLRB says Northwestern football players can unionize

A regional director of the National Labor Relations Board ruled Wednesday that college football players at Northwestern University have the right to unionize. Do you approve?

The online life of a teenager

According to Boyd, the ability to socialize on one's own terms is what determines when one is keyed into technology, not age or tech savviness.

KPCC's 2014 Public Radio Bracket Madness Round 4! Vote here

We've reached the semifinals of KPCC's bracket madness tournament. The semifinalists: "Snap Judgment," "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me," "Radiolab" and "Fresh Air." Vote here.

App Chat: 3 apps that'll help you handle rough relationships

Regardless of where you are in your relationship we have three heartless pieces of technology that can help you if you're stressed out about what is or what was.

Religion and Culture: Cricket brings diverse ethnic and faith groups together in LA

In Los Angeles, cricket-loving transplants from different countries and religions unite in their shared devotion to the “gentleman’s game.”

Is helicopter parenting stunting kids' emotional growth?

Some research shows parents' concerns over children's health and well-being are making a culture where kids are less creative and more fearful.

A look inside the storybook architecture unique to Los Angeles

Storybook architecture sprang up in the 1920s, and its fairy tale abodes can still be found in Southern California.

Is Twitter phasing out hashtags? #SeeYouLater

You might soon say goodbye to #'s and @'s on Twitter.

KPCC's 2014 Public Radio Bracket Madness Round 3! Vote here

It's time for Round 3 of KPCC's bracket madness. The winners of each of these matches win their conferences. Read about the match won by less than 100 votes and vote here!

Dodgers, Kershaw top Diamondbacks in Australian opener

Kershaw flashed his Cy Young form, Scott Van Slyke homered and the NL West champions opened the Major League Baseball season with a 3-1 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Disney inviting 'small world' sing-along videos

A website invites the public to submit videos of themselves singing the song "it's a small world" for the 50th anniversary of the classic attraction, which opened at the 1964 World's Fair in New York.

Free weekend? 7 fun and almost-free things to do

This time around, we're checking out an art exhibit dedicated to hot sauce, eating too much seafood and stretching the stresses away with free outdoor yoga.

Landfill search for 'E.T.' video game is halted

New Mexico environmental regulators are blocking two companies from digging up an Alamogordo landfill in search of a rumored cache of what some consider the worst Atari video game of all time.

Persian New Year's table celebrates nature's rebirth deliciously

Around the world, millions of families of Iranian descent will gather around a ceremonial table to mark the start of spring.

KPCC's 2014 Public Radio Bracket Madness Round 2! Vote here

It's time for Round 2 with the top 16 shows. One of the first round matchups came down to a single vote; find out all the details and vote for the next round.

Phil Jackson returns to Knicks as team president

This will be the former Lakers coach's first time as an executive and the Knicks say he will be in charge of all basketball decisions.