Sochi Winter Olympics: US men's alpine skiers grab bronze and silver

Bode Miller becomes the oldest person ever to win a medal in Alpine skiing at the Olympics, taking bronze. Underdog Andrew Weibrecht garners silver.

Sochi Winter Olympics: US men's ice hockey team beats Russia

Team USA beat out their rivals in a heart-stopping sudden-death shootout as Russian President Vladimir Putin watched from the stands.

Sochi Winter Olympics: Canada aims to repeat 2010 wins

At the Vancouver games, Canada won the most gold medals. Now fans are cheering on their teams in Russia: A moving, yelling, living, breathing mass of Canadian pride.

Aspiring auto mechanic Kien Thay's dream job is not just for guys

She remembers telling her dad she wanted to work on cars full-time. He said he was proud of her, but said being a mechanic is 'such a guy's job.'

Picture This: Newly found photos detail one of Shackleton's last polar expeditions

Antarctic researchers have uncovered old film negatives left behind by one of Shackleton's teams 100 years ago.

Sochi Winter Olympics: In men's figure skating, US pins hopes on a new class

The U.S. is defending its gold medal in men's figure skating, but without the star power of previous games. Two skaters in Sochi represent the near future of the sport in America.

UCLA professor says Kristen Stewart's 'embarrassing' poem isn't that bad

Some critics have dubbed it the worst poem ever. But one poet believes Stewart's work shows some promise, and above all bravery.

Sochi Winter Olympics: USA Hockey beats Slovakia 7-1

Team USA defeated Slovakia in its opening hockey game early Thursday after a six-goal streak in the second period.

Free weekend? 10 fun and almost-free events

Jamzilla may be closing down a six-mile stretch of the 405 Freeway, but we won't be closing our hearts to a delightful three days off.

Sochi Winter Olympics: Substitute racer takes Olympic silver

Olympic athletes often endure weeks of anticipation. That wasn't a problem for Denny Morrison, who got his spot in the speed skating finals just a day ahead of the race.

Leonard Knight, artist at Salvation Mountain, dies

Knight spent three decades painting colorful religious messages on a mound of adobe in the Southern California desert he called Salvation Mountain.

PHOTO: Sochi Olympic Park as seen from space

The astronauts aboard the International Space Station give us a view of the Olympics that we haven't seen.

Crystal Cathedral's Arvella Schuller dies at 84

Schuller was married to Rev. Robert H. Schuller, who founded the Crystal Cathedral.

Sochi Winter Olympics: Shaun White falls short of three-peat quest in half-pipe

The top five finishers all pulled off their best runs in the second half of the competition – none more so than White, who stood in 11th place after the first run with a score of 35.

Olympic luger Kate Hansen of La Cañada on the Sochi experience

Just a few hours ago, women competed in the single luge event at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Representing the USA was southern Californian Kate Hansen of La Cañada.

Sochi Winter Olympics: Women's hockey brings plenty of heat to the ice

The two teams will meet Wednesday in an early round game, but they have an intense rivalry that has often turned to heated clashes on the ice.