Odd questions about the Sochi Olympics: Quora has the answers

Are people excited about the Winter Olympics? Don't figure skaters get dizzy? Those are some of the questions being answered on Quora, the "knowledge sharing" site.

Religion and Culture: Bollywood dance comes to Los Angeles

“Hollywood’s favorite Bollywood Choreographer” Nakul Dev Mahajan brings the distinctive dance styles to Southern California devotees.

The Hummus takes a satirical look at Islamophobia

There's a new satirical new site called The Hummus that's being hailed as The Onion for Muslims, founded by three Silicon Valley-based practicing Muslims in their 20s.

Indian-Americans surge in California politics, but not LA

Indian-Americans have recently been called a rising force in California politics, with Republican Neel Kashkari’s campaign for governor hailed as the latest example.

Religion and Culture: Mixed-faith Hindu weddings are on the rise

The latest part of our ongoing series or religion, politcs and culture looks at the rise of mixed marriages — once a rarity — in the Hindu-American community.

Seahawks dominate Broncos in 43-8 Super Bowl win

The Seattle Seahawks have won their first Super Bowl title, crushing the favored Denver Broncos 43-8.

KPCC sports authority A Martinez on Super Bowl, NFL and NBA

A. Martinez spoke with NPR Saturday, running down his picks for the Super Bowl, and some insights on the 2013/ 2014 season, and offered thoughts on the NFL and NBA.

Super Bowl XLVIII: 5 points to help simplify Sunday's big game

Ahead of Sunday's Super Bow, NPR's Mike Pesca dams up the river of hype to create a cool lagoon of Super Bowl reason.

Irwindale spicing up suit against Sriracha hot sauce plant

A Los Angeles suburb is spicing up its lawsuit against a hot sauce manufacturer it claims polluted the air with pungent smells.

World Cup 2014: Where to watch the South Korea vs. US game Saturday

Saturday, the U.S. national men’s soccer team plays South Korea in an exhibition game. The match is a friendly, but a lot is at stake ahead of the World Cup.

Super Bowl XLVIII: 8 things you need to throw the ultimate LA party

How to throw a memorable last-minute party on Super Bowl Sunday — the easy, SoCal way.

For a twist on the Lunar New Year dumpling, add green tea

Cookbook and children's book author Ying Compestine recently gave her favorite steamed dumplings an update by adding green tea.

'Paris By Night,' a bridge between Vietnam and adopted lands

Playing would-be lovers, singers Duy Truong and Huong Thuy sashay on the stage at the Pechanga Casino and Resort, as a full band keeps beat.

Free weekend? 6 fun and almost-free things to do

Come down from your scattered showers high and gear up for the weekend. We've got artsy activities to keep you occupied — plus one broed-out event for the football fans.

RIP Colonel Meow: 'Minions' mourn death of Internet-famous sourpuss

Get your tissues ready, celebrity cat lovers. Beloved Internet-famous sourpuss, Colonel Meow, has died.

Tijuana’s need for Internet speed

By some measures, Mexico might have some of the fastest Internet speeds in Latin America. But for Tijuana's ambitious tech entrepreneurs and aspiring professional gamers, it's still painfully slow.