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Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta Water System Bay

Mae Ryan/KPCC

California farmers to get more water

The Department of Water Resources said it is increasing water allotments from the State Water Project from zero to 5 percent of what water districts have requested.

Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta Water System Bay

State water contractors get 5 percent: What does that mean?

The late spring storms have translated into much needed water supplies for communities, farmers and environmental habitat, said the Department of Water Resources.

SpaceX rocket launches to International Space Station (updated)

The Dragon spacecraft will be loaded with almost 5,000 pounds of supplies and science experiments for the International Space Station.

LA, Great Basin continue dust-up over Owens lake pollution

Regional air officials and the Department of Water and Power will square off over L.A.’s responsibilities to control pollution swept off of the dry Owens lakebed.

Even chimps know that a firm bed makes for quality sleep

A new study looking at the nests made by chimpanzees in Uganda found that they prefer a type of tree that gives them a firm and secure sleeping platform.

California Drought News: Wildfire, groundwater, Chipotle burrito returns

Also, Friday's news really doesn't understand Portland. That's a lot of water to let go down the drain, especially with fire season around the corner.

NOAA: why drought makes summer even hotter

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says dry soil will likely boost temperatures in Southern California this summer.

Fish found with mercury in remote Western regions

Federal scientists say they have found high amounts of mercury in sport fish caught in remote areas of national parks in the West and Alaska.

For the first time, NASA has found a planet most like Earth

Scientists think a newly detected planet could sustain liquid water and an Earth-like atmosphere, making it a prime candidate for life.

California Drought News: Lady Gaga and one enormous flush

Thursday's roundup reassures thrill seekers and tattles on some water wasters.

Griffith Park mountain lion has mange, traces of rat poison

Last year, he was looking healthy in iconic photos taken of him in Griffith Park. Now, he's suffering from skin disease and toxins in his blood.

Appeals panel halts long-term Delta water contracts

The ruling stems from a dispute involving the delta smelt and is welcomed by environmentalists seeking to protect the tiny fish that are the length of your finger.

California Drought News: Poll reveals divide on drought's causes

Respondents are divided over whether inefficient water use is to blame. A majority favors relaxing environmental restrictions to divert more water to human uses.

T. rex treks to Washington for a shot at fame

The Smithsonian is set to unpack something it's never had before: a rare, nearly complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

California Drought News: Napolitano and other things that fly

New UC president Janet Napolitano takes an aerial tour of areas hit hard, bats have a tougher time making their journey and more drought news.

Blood Moon: Did you see the lunar eclipse? If not, here's the video

The view was great across much of the Americas early Tuesday as the moon turned red during a total lunar eclipse. If you missed it, the next one comes on Oct. 8.