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KPCC believes that making Science & Environment in Southern California relevant and accessible is an important part of strengthening the civic and cultural bonds that unite the diverse communities of this region.

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Water agency's land purchase rattles California farmers

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's play in Palo Verde Valley tapped a deep distrust between farm and city that pervades the West over a river that's a lifeline for seven states and northern Mexico.

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El Niño: What SoCal can expect

Given the hype around this winter's El Niño, you might be anticipating three months of non-stop rain. But historically, even a wet winter in Southern California isn't all gray.

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Genetically modified salmon safe to eat, FDA says

In a long-awaited ruling, the agency said Thursday that a salmon genetically modified to grow faster is safe for human consumption. Environmental and food safety groups vow to fight the decision.

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