Environment / Science

NOAA: why drought makes summer even hotter

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says dry soil will likely boost temperatures in Southern California this summer.

Fish found with mercury in remote Western regions

Federal scientists say they have found high amounts of mercury in sport fish caught in remote areas of national parks in the West and Alaska.

For the first time, NASA has found a planet most like Earth

Scientists think a newly detected planet could sustain liquid water and an Earth-like atmosphere, making it a prime candidate for life.

California Drought News: Lady Gaga and one enormous flush

Thursday's roundup reassures thrill seekers and tattles on some water wasters.

Griffith Park mountain lion has mange, traces of rat poison

Last year, he was looking healthy in iconic photos taken of him in Griffith Park. Now, he's suffering from skin disease and toxins in his blood.

Appeals panel halts long-term Delta water contracts

The ruling stems from a dispute involving the delta smelt and is welcomed by environmentalists seeking to protect the tiny fish that are the length of your finger.

California Drought News: Poll reveals divide on drought's causes

Respondents are divided over whether inefficient water use is to blame. A majority favors relaxing environmental restrictions to divert more water to human uses.

T. rex treks to Washington for a shot at fame

The Smithsonian is set to unpack something it's never had before: a rare, nearly complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

California Drought News: Napolitano and other things that fly

New UC president Janet Napolitano takes an aerial tour of areas hit hard, bats have a tougher time making their journey and more drought news.

Blood Moon: Did you see the lunar eclipse? If not, here's the video

The view was great across much of the Americas early Tuesday as the moon turned red during a total lunar eclipse. If you missed it, the next one comes on Oct. 8.

Blood Moon: How and where to view the lunar eclipse

We've got full details about how, when and where to view the total eclipse of the moon on Monday night, as well as a Q&A with KPCC science reporter Sanden Totten.

SpaceX tries to break into the spy satellite industry

SpaceX wants to send spy satellites into orbit. It's a lucrative business opportunity, but before they can get there they have plenty of problems to overcome.

Wind advisory issued for Southern California

The National Weather Service says the advisory is in effect through 2 p.m. Monday for mountain and valley sections of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. In Orange County, the advisory is set for foothill regions.

California Drought News: Red-hot wells, and purple pipe green

The Central Valley sends ravens with news, but it's news that sure sounds like strategies and tactics southern California has heard before.

Pitzer College, Robert Redford announce plan to 'go fossil-free'

The move makes Pitzer the first college in Southern California to commit to climate divestment, and the largest endowment in higher education to do so to date.

Air regulators up efforts to shutter Exide's Vernon plant

Pointing to almost two dozen recent violations of lead standards, the AQMD seeks to stop maintenance work at the already-closed Exide Technologies plant in Vernon.