Environment / Science

Air regulators up efforts to shutter Exide's Vernon plant

Pointing to almost two dozen recent violations of lead standards, the AQMD seeks to stop maintenance work at the already-closed Exide Technologies plant in Vernon.

LA developing building safety rating system for earthquakes (Update)

Mayor Garcetti announced plans for a rating system to evaluate a building's seismic safety and said he will develop a mandate for retrofitting older buildings.

'Blood Moon' eclipse throughout North America starts Monday

The "Blood Moon" lunar eclipse peaks late Monday or early Tuesday, depending on your time zone. It begins a so-called tetrad of four eclipses occurring roughly six months apart.

California Drought News: Fracking, flying and pricing

Friday's news reminds us that there are winners and losers in the drought - some of whom you wouldn't guess at, like birds near a naval air station.

Scientists look at icy moons in search of alien life

A growing body of research suggests icy moons around Saturn and Jupiter may be the best candidates for finding life beyond Earth

LA leads cities in solar energy production

In two years, the city has tripled its solar capacity. But it's still only a fraction of the city's power needs.

Tips for tending your garden during drought

Simple changes like using mulch around the base of plants to stop evaporation and watering longer and deeper but less frequently can make a significant dent in water usage.

California Drought News: Lobbying for water, wishing for wine

Chronicling the dastardly exploits of the fiendish drought, today's roundup looks at how it's impacting politics, fish and fruit.

State, federal officials release drought plan

The document lays out roughly how water will be divided over the next seven months or so, particularly in areas where there are competing interests.

What does sound look like?

A clever photography trick allows you to see the invisible: the rising heat from a lighter, the turbulence around airplane wings, the plume of a sneeze ... and even sound waves.

California Drought News: State rivers trouble, groundwater concern

Demand for limited water supplies leaves less for state rivers. An ongoing restoration program has become caught in the debate over the best use for water in a drought.

Exide denied more time to reduce arsenic pollution

In January, AQMD adopted a regulation that would require Exide to achieve negative pressure at its facilities by April 10, with the intention of limiting emissions of arsenic and other toxins.

Metropolitan hikes wholesale water rates, San Diego objects

Metropolitan's Board of Directors has approved about a 1.5 percent increase in the price of its water for the next two years. San Diego argues that's an overcharge.

LA saves 87 million gallons of water during storms

City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell says the water saved could supply 500 families for an entire year.

Heartbleed: The security bug that affects most of the Internet, explained

A bug called Heartbleed has been exposing much of the data Google, Yahoo and other major Internet companies protect through OpenSSL. What does that mean for you?

California Drought News: Sled dogs, falcons and bats, oh my

Yard restrictions are being eased, more birds are disintegrating against fighter jets and more dead bats are being found in Sacramento. More in today's drought roundup.