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California drought news: Third lowest snowpack, the economics of drought, and strawberries!

State water officials say recent storms boosted snowpack but did little to lessen drought. Sierra snows, measured by water content, are a third of average.

California drought: Snowpack survey bad news for state

The well below average survey results, coupled with winter’s rain shortage, mean bad news for farms and cities that normally depend on the snowpack for a third of their water as it melts.

USGS warns of hoax earthquake letter predicting 7.4 tremor

A letter claiming that Southern California could experience a 7.4 earthquake soon is making the rounds online.

California Drought News: Rain, lightning, snowpack measurement

Though rain has been in the forecast, the drought is still present. Some homeowners are being asked to replace their lawns with more drought-tolerant landscape, while Tuesday is snowpack measurement day.

Researchers take to skies to survey marine protected areas

Emerging data looks at how fishermen are responding to marine sanctuaries, scattered like scrabble tiles over 350 square miles between Santa Barbara and Mexico.

La Habra quake: How aftershocks help geologists map new fault

Seismologists are plotting the aftershocks of Friday's 5.1 magnitude earthquake to identify the fault responsible under La Habra.

California drought: Key April snowpack survey due Tuesday

Don't expect good news for the state's drought from the state's most comprehensive measurement of the year, when snow accumulation is usually at its highest.

Quake struck near possibly more dangerous La Puente fault

The 5.1 earthquake Friday struck near a little-known fault called La Puente Hills thrust fault, which scientists say could be more dangerous than the San Andreas fault.

California Drought News: Going deep for groundwater

Southern California's got a chance of rain this week. It's certain the state will grab snowpack stats tomorrow - and it's unlikely they'll be pretty.

UN report raises climate change warning

A new report from the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludes the world is mostly "ill-prepared" for the risks that the sweeping changes present.

Why are there so many dead lotto scratchers on the sidewalk?

Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson got tired of seeing so many scratchers on the sidewalk — and came up with an idea to solve the problem. Here's what the state lottery thought.

San Onofre nuclear plant hit with violation for cutting jobs

Federal regulators say the San Onofre nuclear power plant violated rules by failing to get approval before eliminating 39 emergency-response jobs after the plant closed.

California Drought News: Australia-inspired solutions and water savings in the shower

Some days, California can't do anything right about the drought...but "the lucky country" can. Two more suggestions to copy Australia's water conservation, in here.

How neuroscience is improving UC Riverside baseball

Players are training with a scientifically designed brain-game. It's improving their vision and helping them win games, a new study says.

Current solar owners can cash in for 20 years

Net metering allows solar owners to get paid for the extra, unused electricity they put back into the system. Now they know they'll get paid for 20 years.

Space station awaits for Russian craft after delay

A Russian spacecraft carrying three astronauts is on track to arrive at the International Space Station after a delay.