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Exide may test more houses, test deeper for lead around plant

Exide’s work plan offers no timeline for completing the testing around its Vernon plant, and toxics regulators must approve plans before more testing happens.

Battle looms over naming rights to Yosemite peak

A House Committee recently approved a bill which would rename Yosemite's Mammoth peak as Fremont peak, which is causing resistance from the National Park Service.

Australia and Arizona are gray water pioneers

It won't be the last time you hear this: dry places that live with recurring drought have the drop on California when it comes to recycling water.

When robots can kill, it's unclear who will be to blame

The Pentagon's Defense Department Research Agency — DARPA — is pushing to build a semi-autonomous search and rescue robot. But scientists see obvious dual uses, for war.

California Drought News: No predictions of March miracles

The University of Dayton might have won a first round upset in March Madness, but California won't, when it comes to drought. Federal scientists sound bleak.

2 SoCal fisheries haul in mostly unintended species

About 20 percent of all fish caught in U.S. waters are unintended targets. "Bycatch" animals are often killed or injured as a result.

Air regulators approve Exide's plan to reduce toxic emissions

The company submitted three versions of its risk reduction plan before air officials signed off, though AQMD is still trying to halt lead smelting operations.

Drought hurting California's tricolored blackbird

The tricolored blackbird was once the most abundant bird species in southern California. But disappearing wetlands have destroyed much of the birds' habitat and the current drought is making the situation worse.

California Drought News: Drying up school attendance

Thursday's drought fortune cookie says, "Dry times bring rare unity." But since that's not very predictive, we crack open another which reads, "You will someday water your ficus with water from your whites."

Drought: We could be recycling gray water right now—why aren't we?

While California had the first law on the books permitting home water recycling, homeowners have been slow to adopt it. That may be changing.

State to remove some rodenticides from store shelves

"Second generation anticoagulant" rodenticides are effective killers of rats and mice. Unfortunately, they also impact raptors, coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions.

Drought: What options are there for weathering the water crisis?

California is in one of the worst droughts in years. What are the challenges facing the state and its water agencies and infrastructure? KPCC asked the experts.

California's warmest winter on record comes to a close

This was also one of the state's driest winters with average temperatures more than four degrees above normal.

Eureka! Huntington opens Archimedes exhibit with old text and new puzzle

He ran naked through the streets yelling “Eureka.” He was the greatest thinker of ancient times. Now Archimedes is at the Huntington, with ancient wisdom and a new puzzle.

California Drought News: State pulls back on zero ag water stance

State water officials are pulling back on their stance to supply only water for drinking and sanitation purposes.

Drought puts new focus on proposed desalination plant in Huntington Beach

A company that wants to build a desalination plant in Huntington Beach plans to resubmit a permit request to the California Coastal Commission later this year.