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California Drought News: How pot is making California sink and other leaps in logic

There's gold in them thar hills! And pot. And it all ties in together in a messy, dusty bow(l). In today's roundup, we bring you the good, the bad and the "what?"

California Drought News: Moving water and trucking salmon

California's giving Chinooks a ride to the sea through dried-up plumbing this year — but maybe you shouldn't blame system operators for making the drought worse.

FAQ: Answers to your questions about lead battery recycling in Vernon

Exide Technologies in Vernon is asking a judge to let it reopen its battery recycling plant. Here are answers to your questions about Exide and lead recycling.

Newly hatched bald eagles are a sign of recovery on Catalina

The bald eagle population crashed in the 1970s because of chemical pollution that had worked its way up the food chain and weakened eagle eggs.

California Drought News: Little bits of rain that we can steal

The rain is coming back, but locally it will be light at best. Will Californians head out to see Aronofsky's "Noah" just to remember rainier times?

UN: 2013 extreme events due to warming Earth

The U.N. weather agency called 2013 the sixth-warmest year on record. Thirteen of the 14 warmest years have occurred in the 21st century.

California Drought: To dam or not to dam

State and federal lawmakers tussle over weather to create more open-air reservoirs to combat future droughts.

How a large tsunami could impact Los Angeles

Key areas of Los Angeles could flood. As part of Tsunami Preparedness Week, researchers are encouraging people to know what areas are at risk.

Smog agency to enforce beach fire pit restrictions Monday

A district spokesperson says the restrictions will help protect the air quality for beachside dwellers, without banning the practice of burning wood at SoCal fire pits.

Why the Exxon Valdez spill was a eureka moment for science

After the 1989 spill off the Alaskan coast, scientists expected the worst damage to be short-lived. Instead, it shattered conventional wisdom about oil's effecs on wildlife.

City park receiving $75 million wetland restoration

Lake Machado is best known for being home to "Reggie" an abandoned pet alligator. It's also home to all sorts of other non-native species.

Exide may test more houses, test deeper for lead around plant

Exide’s work plan offers no timeline for completing the testing around its Vernon plant, and toxics regulators must approve plans before more testing happens.

Battle looms over naming rights to Yosemite peak

A House Committee recently approved a bill which would rename Yosemite's Mammoth peak as Fremont peak, which is causing resistance from the National Park Service.

Australia and Arizona are gray water pioneers

It won't be the last time you hear this: dry places that live with recurring drought have the drop on California when it comes to recycling water.

When robots can kill, it's unclear who will be to blame

The Pentagon's Defense Department Research Agency — DARPA — is pushing to build a semi-autonomous search and rescue robot. But scientists see obvious dual uses, for war.

California Drought News: No predictions of March miracles

The University of Dayton might have won a first round upset in March Madness, but California won't, when it comes to drought. Federal scientists sound bleak.