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California Drought News: North vs. South

The drought — or wizentimer as we're calling it this week — is still having effects up and down the state. In one case, some want water to go down to up.

Santa Cruz imposes mandatory water rationing

The City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved the first mandatory cuts to water use in 25 years. Those who exceed limits will be charged more depending on how much over they go.

California Drought News: Salmon catch a break

For the next three days, federal water officials are increasing dam releases on the American River to help migrating fish navigate downstream.

Traveling to space? He'll help you get there

Jay Johnson is one of a select group of travel agents authorized to sell tickets for Virgin Galactic's planned space tourism experience.

Invasive brown widow spiders pushing out black widows

UC Riverside spider expert Rick Vetter says reports of the black widow's demise in Southern California are overblown, but invasive brown widows do seem to be hurting black widow populations.

Globe had 4th hottest March; US cooler than normal

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday that it was the fourth hottest March in 135 years of records but the U.S. was about a degree cooler than normal.

California Drought News: Melting snow, farming woes, dynamic duo

Today's news focuses largely on farming under the grip of the drought, along with senators Boxer and Feinstein playing good cop/bad cop on drought relief.

Fields, farm jobs dry up with California's worsening drought

For the first time in six years, many California farmers have been told they'll get little or no federal irrigation water. Workers are deciding to pack up and move.

Exide lays off more than 120 employees at Vernon plant

The layoff notices for salaried and unionized workers are temporary, but Exide isn't saying whether it will meet environmental deadlines or re-open.

Research in space could shed light on Huntington's Disease

Caltech researchers are conducting an experiment on the International Space Station to help reveal the workings of a protein associated with Huntington's Disease.

California Drought News: Thirsty crops, and thrifty lawns?

Monday's news reports on farming around the state - like I did in the 4th grade. And one story raises the possibility of smarter water use on your grass.

California farmers to get more water

The Department of Water Resources said it is increasing water allotments from the State Water Project from zero to 5 percent of what water districts have requested.

Drought: State water contractors get 5 percent: What does that mean?

The late spring storms have translated into much needed water supplies for communities, farmers and environmental habitat, said the Department of Water Resources.

SpaceX rocket launches to International Space Station (updated)

The Dragon spacecraft will be loaded with almost 5,000 pounds of supplies and science experiments for the International Space Station.

LA, Great Basin continue dust-up over Owens lake pollution

Regional air officials and the Department of Water and Power will square off over L.A.’s responsibilities to control pollution swept off of the dry Owens lakebed.

Even chimps know that a firm bed makes for quality sleep

A new study looking at the nests made by chimpanzees in Uganda found that they prefer a type of tree that gives them a firm and secure sleeping platform.