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Rare marine life visited SoCal in record numbers in 2014

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KPCC believes that making Science & Environment in Southern California relevant and accessible is an important part of strengthening the civic and cultural bonds that unite the diverse communities of this region.

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Exploring the limits of human performance

Usain Bolt, Ueli Steck, Alberto Contador - are all athletes that have redefined what humans can do in sport, but how much better can we perform, as humans?

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NASA scrubs launch of new Orion spacecraft

Wrestling first with gusty winds and then with a rocket valve that failed to close, NASA postponed the launch of its new Orion spacecraft until Friday.

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Has another mountain lion crossed the 405?

Griffith Park's famed mountain lion crossed two freeways to get to his current home. A photo on Twitter suggests another puma may have followed in his paw prints.

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