Environment & Science

Quemetco seeks to expand lead battery recycling by 25 pct

Only two lead battery recyclers have been operating west of the Mississippi in recent years. Vernon's Exide Technologies is closed. Quemetco seeks to expand.

El Niño still likely but may be weak, scientists say

NOAA now says there is an 80 percent chance of El Niño conditions by the fall and winter, which means the potential for wetter weather. But there's a caveat.

California Drought News: Poll finds drought's a big deal...sort of

Friday's news finds people to be mysterious and full of contradictions...but hopefully interested in one last drought news roundup before the weekend!

California Drought News: F-words inspired by the drought

Farmers, fauna, and flooding — this drought is bringing a lot of F-words to mind.

Once-extinct gray wolves now protected by California

Gray wolves were hunted to extinction almost 90 years ago. A new litter of pups just over the border in Oregon may one day make California its home.

Video shows health improving for mountain lion P-22 (Update)

The famous L.A. mountain lion was diagnosed with mange when scientists captured him in March. The treatment they provided during that capture seems to have helped.

US getting hottest fastest at Southwest, Northeast corners

Southwestern states have heated up the most in summer: The average New Mexico summer is 3.4 degrees warmer now than in 1984; in Texas, the dog days are 2.8 degrees hotter.

California Drought News: Start your day off wrong with coffee and Bono

Today's drought news tells us we're starting our day off wrong. First though, a little song to match today's reading.

How atomic particles helped solve a wine fraud mystery

By testing for radiation, detectives showed that wine bottles purportedly from Thomas Jefferson's collection were fake. And with wine fraud rising, authentication is getting even more sophisticated.

Study: Americans less fearful of storms named after women

People are less likely to seek shelter or otherwise prepare for storms given female names, researchers say.

Long Beach slashed pelican recovers quickly

The California pelican — named Pink — was found mutilated April 16 near Long Beach. After two surgeries, recovered quickly and will be released soon.

FAQ: What do the EPA's new climate rules mean?

What's next for plans to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants by 30 percent of 2005 levels.

Landmark EPA rule aims to cut carbon 30 percent by 2030 (updated)

Under the EPA proposal, states could have until 2017 to submit a plan to cut power plant pollution, and 2018 if they join with other states to tackle the problem.

Drought: Catalina Island braces for water rationing

Starting in July, the island's 2,200 Southern California Edison ratepayers will have to cut water use by 25 percent or face penalties on their bills.

Pregnancy hormone may reduce multiple sclerosis symptoms

Women with multiple sclerosis often find that they have fewer problems when they are expecting. That led researchers to develop an experimental drug based on a hormone associated with pregnancy.

California Drought News: New questions for an old dam debate

Everything old is new again, as drought reactivates dam discussions, drillers worry as they work overtime, and there's still gold in them thar dried-out riverbeds.