Environment / Science

UCLA scientists find shortcut to estimating a river's volume

UCLA researchers have found a new way to understand a river’s volume without stepping into it, a move that has implications for risk and water managers worldwide.

California Drought News: Making money on water

Would you believe some people used MORE water last month? Monday's drought news will upend your deeply held convictions...and offer business opportunities.

LA County officials prepare to empty storm basins above Glendora

Debris basins that line the foothills catch mud, trees, even boulders during a heavy storm, sparing the homes below.

California Drought News: Legislation, a Delta Smelt conflagration, and hydroelectricity

Friday's news includes mini climate and fish news roundups, too. Come on in! We're expecting you.

4 ways to make money in space

NASA is increasingly reliant on contractors to get goods to and from space. Marketplace explores four ways the rich are trying to get richer in the final frontier.

Wistaria Festival: How did Sierra Madre's record-setting vine get so big?

The flowering vine is considered by Guinness to be the world's largest blooming plant. (And why does Sierra Madre spell it with an "a"?)

City archives show how LA banned incinerators to fight smog

Peer over backyard walls and fences and you can still sometimes see one of the main air pollution culprits: the backyard incinerator. And you can trace their demise through the city archives.

DTSC targets foams, paint strippers for safety makeovers

As a major step in an effort to limit Californians’ exposure to hazardous chemicals, toxic regulators have announced the first products they want companies to make over more safely.

California Drought News: Groundwater, saltwater, and a golden lining?

Today's drought roundup looks at some of the secondary problems caused by our ongoing weather woes.

State lacks water funding, says PPIC

A new Public Policy Institute of California study finds “critical” funding shortages for parts of the state’s water system. Guess who's going to pay for those?

California faces even more dry days, says new climate study

Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography predicts as many as ten more dry days a year in California by the end of the century.

Video: Ultra-rare 'false killer whales' sighted off CA coast

The dolphin species is rarely seen off the California coast. A large group of them were spotted near Dana Point Wednesday.

California Drought News: Thirsty almonds and higher prices

Today's journey through the drought reveals the growing impacts on California's all-important agricultural sector. But renewable energy offers a bright spot.

How El Niño will impact global food prices

Climatologists in the U.S. and elsewhere are starting to predict a likely El Niño weather pattern in the coming year.

Santa Cruz Island's plant restoration a model for others

Santa Cruz Island was once so ravaged by farmers that many native plants were almost extinct. Now, 30 years later, it is a success story others hope to learn from.

Garcetti, DWP GM vow billing fixes to top utility customers

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and DWP general manager Marcie Edwards sat down with top customers to talk about ongoing problems with the utility’s new billing system.