Environment / Science

5 things you should know about Fukushima and the West Coast

Water containing traces of radioactive material released by the Fukushima nuclear power plant is expected to reach California sometime this year.

Exide Update: Lead found in soil around Vernon recycling plant

Test results showed unexpected levels of lead at the Volunteers of America Salazar Park Head Start pre-school program.

'Killer bees' likely involved in recent SoCal swarm attacks

Yes, it's likely they were Africanized honeybees, but that's not a reason to panic. After all, most wild honeybees in the area are Africanized.

How some graves at Hollywood Forever stayed forever green

When current owner Tyler Cassity took over the cemetery, he was surprised to find patches of green dotting an otherwise parched landscape.

Purple pipe means recycled water. But why purple?

Recycled water flows through a pipeline that’s a color halfway between a field of lavender and Violet Beauregard after she licked the blueberry wallpaper. Why?

California Drought News: Water meters for all?

Monday's news engages your inner primate's sense of competition and asks: "Why isn't anyone keeping track of how much water my neighbors use?"

Hey Caddyshack! Golf courses and cemeteries aren't water wasters

Golf courses and cemeteries are big water users, but in recent years they've worked hard to conserve. But only some of their tips will help your backyard.

LA Sheriff backs Newsweek quotes of Nakamoto Bitcoin visit

Two L.A. County deputies described in Newsweek's story about "the face behind Bitcoin" say the quotes attributed to Dorian Nakamoto and a deputy in the story are accurate.

The elegant secrets of flying snakes

Flying snakes are mysterious. How do they soar? Without wings or other helpful appendages, how do they glide from tree to tree?

California Drought News: Will El Niño get us out of this mess?

Climatologists say global weather patterns may shift so that the drought could end later this year. But let us not count our chickens until we examine sacred cows.

California Drought News: Israeli expertise, rain dancing, and a guacamole-secure future

Prime Minister Netanyahu was in the state yesterday. Governor Brown said he'd welcome Israel's assistance with water-saving techniques.

Drought: Orange County expands 'toilet to tap' water

Orange County was an early adopter of technology to replenish drinking water reserves with recycled wastewater — an idea gaining traction as the drought grinds on

Automakers eye laser lights to let drivers see farther at night

BMW has started making a car with optional laser headlights, which are brighter and more energy-efficient than even LED lights. Laser technology could also end up in street lights and projectors.

Don't worry, they say, 100-foot asteroid will miss us today

Relatively speaking, though, it will be close. The rock is expected to whiz by around 4 p.m. ET at a distance that's a bit closer than from Earth to the moon.

California Drought News: Task force puts storms in context

It would have to storm — like it did last week — every other day through May to get us back to normal.

Ukraine tensions aren't disrupting NASA-Russia relations

NASA relies on Russia to ferry its astronauts to the International Space Station; says it currently has no contingency plans.