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California Drought News: More Brown, less nuts, and boom times for water witches

Monday’s news saw March rainfall roar in like a lion over the weekend, but the drought ain't going out like a lamb.

'Spectacular' Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, wow UK

"It is just good luck," says astronomer Mark Thompson of the BBC's Stargazing Live. "The last time I have seen it this spectacular was probably 20 years ago."

Drought and rain boost interest in stormwater capture, reuse

Drought relief funding passed in Sacramento supports stormwater capture. In southern California, pilot projects capture millions of gallons of water each year.

California Drought: Snow, storage, Tony! Toni! Toné! and more

Friday’s drought news warns you to stay safe out there in wet conditions…and don’t get cocky about how much water we're getting.

Study: West Nile virus cases likely to increase in Calif.

California had the second-highest number of cases of West Nile virus in humans in 2012. By 2080, the probability of infection will increase by 72 percent.

California Drought News: Rain, rain wash away

Twin worries from this week's storms: landslides and polluted runoff.

The search for drinking water in California has led to the ocean

As the state slogs through a major drought, officials look for new water sources — like desalination plants that make water from the Pacific drinkable.

'Planet bonanza' indeed: NASA unveils 715 new worlds

The space agency announces a stunning discovery, as the Kepler mission identifies 715 new planets that orbit 305 stars. The finding boosts the verified number of such planets by around 70 percent.

iPhone security: iOS 6 users left in the lurch after flaw discovered

Apple recently found a critical bug in its mobile and desktop systems. Unfortunately, the security fix won't help you if you haven't updated your mobile device to iOS 7.

Study shows playing Tetris can help cure cravings

It might seem like a total waste of time, but as it turns out there may be some concrete benefits to playing Tetris. A new study found that playing the game can reduce our cravings.

California Drought News: Waiting on the world to change

Calibrating expectations for rain is complicated. Do not be alarmed if moisture falls from the sky tonight after 7 p.m.; don’t expect miracles, either.

The downside of Southern California's rain: Debris flows

Southern California hasn't had a serious rainstorm in years. That means many riverbeds are full of sediment that could lead to dangerous debris flows.

Folsom Lake Blues from California's drought

NASA scientists announced Tuesday that they'll work with the California Department of Water Resources. Using the advanced sensing tools in my head, this is a striking picture.

California Drought News: Silicon Valley shares worries of the San Joaquin

Agency that provides water to Silicon Valley is getting more nervous about the drought. Unfortunately, there's no app to make it rain.

Meteorite impact on Moon sets record as brightest ever seen

A high-speed collision on the moon's surface was recorded on video and created a bright flash that would have been visible on Earth for eight seconds, scientists say.

Drought: How NASA tracks underground water levels from space

NASA is meeting with state officials in Sacramento this week to figure out ways the space agency can use its satellites to help California deal with drought.