Orange County Museum of Art

E.A.T. FOOD: Exploring Art Through Food

Dishes inspired by "My Generation," prepared by local chefs, and served with community style. Evening includes drummers and a tea ceremony. More

Silverlake Wine

Silverlake Wine's New Store in Downtown LA

Silverlake Wine has opened a new location in the Downtown Arts District. Offering delivery to select downtown locations. More


The Crawford Family Forum

From the margins to the mainstream: race, comedy and prime time TV

The fall season is about to launch. Last year, we saw the likes of "Fresh Off the Boat," "Black-ish," and "Jane the Virgin" poke fun at racial stereotypes, while appealing to audiences across color lines. More

Alice Daniel/KQED

Hahn Hall

The future of desalination in Santa Barbara and California (#AT30)

California is experiencing one of the worst droughts in its history. In the midst of this drought, communities are trying to address their current water needs as well as develop long-term strategies. More

Web Meeting

Driving Energy Efficiency – Understanding New 2015 Hot Water Heater Rating Changes

New federal requirements for water heaters have significantly changed energy efficiency standards for residential water heating. Find out how this impacts overall energy usage and green house gas emissions as well as how it affects Orange County and Los Angeles homeowners. More

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Keck Theater, Occidental College

The indentured class: The social costs of student debt (#AffordableCA)

If you are just out of school, you may be facing years of debt repayment for the cost of that education, and finding a good job may not be easy. Income levels for most middle-class workers have remained flat for the past 30 years while price tags for housing, transportation, and especially education, have climbed relentlessly. More

Glenn Hartong

The Crawford Family Forum

Can a school save a community? A screening of "OYLER" with Kai Ryssdal

By one measure, more than half of children in public schools today come from low-income families. The new documentary OYLER explores one school’s radical approach to helping more of those kids succeed, by combining academic, health, and social services under one roof. More


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

SCPR GALA: Celebrating The Most Interesting Conversation in Town

SCPR is hosting its first gala in over a decade to honor Larry Mantle and individuals that have positively impacted SCPR and the communities we serve. More

Autry National Center of the American West

Empire and Liberty: The Civil War and the West

"Empire and Liberty" is the first major museum exhibition to illuminate the causes and legacies of the American Civil War from the vantage point of Westward expansion. Visitors are invited to explore the conflicts and connections of a growing nation through an astonishing array of more than 200 significant artifacts, including Texas slave sale documents, Andrés Pico’s war drum, the battle flag carried by soldiers of the California Hundred, a Buffalo Soldier’s revolver, and Cherokee General Stand Watie’s bowie knife. This exhibition shows how the Civil War was more than a clash between the North and South; it was part of a history of debate over how America would expand, and who, within that expanding nation, might claim freedom. More