The Changing Face of Community Journalism

This event took place on:
Saturday, February 5, 2 - 5pm

Join the Society of Professional Journalists in partnership with KPCC for an afternoon of networking and discussion about the hottest topic in media: hyperlocal journalism. Hyperlocal journalism is becoming increasingly important, and its practitioners are increasingly divergent. Old media companies are needing to becoming increasingly nimble, news blogs are feeling the need to increase their niche, and everyone is wondering how is going to affect everything. The conference began at 2 pm, and was broken into two parts: a series of short talks given by bloggers, print, broadcast and online journalists, with a panel discussion and questions from the audience. Speakers and participants included: - Ron Kaye, publisher of and a columnist for the Sunday News-Press & Leader - Kim Bui, social media specialist and community editor for KPCC - Juan Devis, director of production of new media and host of Departures on KCET - Zach Behrens, editor-in-chief of KCET¹s blogging operations - Katie Landan, web editor for Times Community News - Jesus Sanchez, publisher and editor of - Chris Jennewein, senior regional editor, - Timothy Rutt, editor and publisher of Photo Credit: Tim Berger/Glendale News-Press

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