Digital Diplomacy Forum: The Convergence of Social Media and Diplomacy

This event took place on:
Friday, February 11, 10am - 12pm

This Forum was a special event for diplomats from the Los Angeles consular community and members of the general public interested in learning more about how social media impacts day-to-day diplomacy efforts locally and around the world. Audience members heard from representatives from the United States, Israel, Canada and the United Kingdom about how they are leveraging these technologies to meet the diplomacy mission. *Understand what Digital Diplomacy means and how it differs from Internet Marketing. *Learn how a Facebook post, Tweet, or viral YouTube video can effectively reach thousands of people. *Enhance existing diplomacy outreach programs by integrating Digital Diplomacy elements. Special Guests Included: - Lovisa Williams Deputy Director for the Office of Innovative Engagement United States Department of State - Dillon Hosier Political Officer and Director of Digital Diplomacy Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Gina Evans Regional Web Manager, Americas Digital Diplomacy Group Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK Government - Martha McLean Deputy Director, eCommunications Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Government of Canada - Alan Silberberg Founder of Gov 2.0 LA and Silberberg Innovations Partner at Constellation Research Group Photo Credit: Philippe Huguen, Getty Images

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