A Paradigm Shift in California's Energy Environment

This event took place on:
Thursday, June 16, 8:00 - 10:30am

A paradigm shift is occurring in California’s energy environment. The shift, eventually becoming national in scope, features an increasing turn toward renewable energy sources (wind, solar, geo-thermal) and away from traditional fossil sources. While many Californians think this is a good idea - - going increasingly green and sustainable - - others are not so sure. But how does it all fit? Do we have the necessary capacity and infrastructure to accommodate this paradigm shift in energy? Who does it most benefit? Who pays? The Pat Brown Institute presented this program, hosted by KPCC. Moderated by: - Mary Leslie, Los Angeles Business Council Featured Speakers: - Samuel Kang, Greenlining Institute - Catherine Sandoval, California Public Utilities Commission - Marc Ulrich, Southern California Edison Photo Credit: David McNew/Getty Images

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