Comedy Congress Live

This event took place on:
Wednesday, December 14, 7:30 - 9:00pm

Join Patt Morrison as she gavels to order the final Comedy Congress of 2011…because when politics is just enough to make you cry, it's usually better to laugh instead.



Tickets for Comedy Congress will now be distributed via a lottery system.

- Deadline to enter: 12/1/11. - Winners will be chosen at random. - The time you enter the lottery has no bearing on your chances of winning. - Only one entry per person will be considered for the drawing. - Each entry can consist of up to 2 tickets. - All lottery entrants will receive email notices about drawing status/waitlist options the week of December 5th. - Winning registrants will be required to pick up their tickets by 7:20pm on Wednesday, December 14th. Any tickets not picked-up before that time will be forfeited and redistributed.

Is it just us, or is election season getting longer every year? The extra heavy politicking seems to have ushered in a wave of amnesia currently sweeping the Republican presidential candidates, from Rick Perry's infamous "oops" brain lapse to Herman Cain's buffering on Libya. Meanwhile, the deficit-reduction super committee flirts with a super impasse and abysmally low poll numbers. And just as we thought Occupying wasn't in style...Comedy Congress is here to digest it all and take an unapologetic look at current events. Featured "congressmen": Greg Proops , Alonzo Bodden and Ben Gleib. 7:00pm - Doors Open 7:30pm - Program Music will be provided by DJ Steve Martin (KPFK's My Side of The City, Culdesac Kids Records). Refreshments will be provided by Heirloom LA, Silverlake Wine, and Eagle Rock Brewery.** **There will be alcohol served at this event. Please bring a valid photo ID to check-in if you wish to partake. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Photo Credit: Arwen Nicks/KPCC

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