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Kids & Money - Nurturing Civic and Fiscal Responsibility

Wednesday, January 18, 2012, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
The Crawford Family Forum 474 South Raymond Avenue Pasadena, CA 91105 Map and directions

In partnership with KPCC’s Development Department, Jon and Eileen Gallo, co-authors and principals of Gallo Consulting, discussed ways parents, grandparents, and even friends can help kids – young and old – be civically engaged and financially responsible. Internationally-known experts on children, families and money, the Gallos have written two books (The Financially Intelligent Parent: 8 Steps to Raising Successful, Generous and Responsible Children; critically-acclaimed Silver Spoon Kids: How Successful Parents Raise Responsible Children) and established The Gallo Institute, a national organization offering education and counsel to families and financial advisors around issues of families, children and money. Eileen Gallo, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist who works with individuals and families dealing with the psychological and emotional issues related to money, children and family wealth. Jon Gallo, J.D., is a nationally-known estate planning attorney with additional credentials in the specialized arenas of high net worth planning and the emotional issues of family wealth. Both have also been educators and presiders over committees addressing key family, financial and legal issues. Recognized as leading field experts, the Gallos have been writing and lecturing on the psychological and emotional issues of family wealth since 1987.