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How Do We Remember?

Monday, January 23, 2012, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
The Crawford Family Forum 474 South Raymond Avenue Pasadena, CA 91105 Map and directions
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Is history really just a thing of the past? What happens when we regard it as much more dynamic, presently relevant, and consequential?

On Monday, January 23rd, 2012 KPCC's Crawford Family Forum presented a moderated, audience-inclusive conversation about how we – individually and collectively – remember momentous historical events, especially those involving great violence and trauma. By examining modes of commemoration and transmission of fact and memory, this exchange explored the effects those approaches have had on our relationships to events like the September 11th attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and the 1992 Los Angeles civil unrest. We considered how today’s discourse over such “How”s may alter, if not largely shape, what future generations remember about significant occurrences from the last turn-of-century.

Moderator: Jonathan Serviss, former KPCC “Patt Morrison” senior producer; current KNX 1070 Morning Drive writer/editor/producer).

Panelists: David Simpson, author of 9/11: The Culture of Commemoration, Distinguished Professor of English at UC Davis.

Erin Aubry Kaplan, author of Black Talk, Blue Thoughts, and Walking the Color Line: Dispatches from a Black Journalista, writer for LA Weekly, LA Times.