AirTalk Event: The History and Future of Hollywood Film Music

This event took place on:
Wednesday, April 25, 7 - 9pm
The History and Future of Hollywood Film Music

KPCCRadio (via YouTube)

Long before movies could talk, they still had the power to tell a story – with music. As film making evolved, so too did the process of scoring for the cinema. But these days, movie budgets are shrinking and composers are feeling the pinch. What does this mean for the future of film music? How has technology changed the business? How are today’s working composers able to overcome the many challenges? Guests: Michael Giacchino is an award-winning composer of films, television shows and video games; his feature film composing credits include The Incredibles, Super 8 and Pixar's Up, which earned him an Oscar, as well as ABC's series, LOST. Giacchino sits on the Advisory Board of Education Through Music Los Angeles. Randy Newman is an award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist and composer; his film scores include Ragtime, Leatherheads, and Meet the Parents; for Pixar, he scored Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Cars and Toy Story 3. Newman has garnered multiple Grammy and Emmy Awards and two Oscars. David Newman is an award-winning composer and conductor who has scored nearly 100 films including War of the Roses, Matilda, and Heathers. Newman headed the Sundance Institute’s music preservation program in the late 1980s and recently began touring, conducting the film West Side Story, live with orchestra. Trevor Rabin is an award-winning musician and composer who has scored 34 feature films including The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Armageddon and Con Air among others. Rabin is also well known as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for the British rock band Yes from1982–1994.

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