Cleopatra: The Exhibition

This event took place on:
Wednesday, May 23 - Sunday, January 6

Courtesy of the California Science Center

Cleopatra: The Exhibition is now at the California Science Center. The 13,000-square-foot exhibit features the largest collection of Cleopatra-era artifacts from Egypt ever assembled in the U.S. 

Cleopatra was the last pharoah of Ancient Egypt. She was a lover for both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Here is more about the ancient queen.

The exhibit features ruins from the ancient cities Alexandria, Canopus, Heracleion and more.

Visitors also have the option of watching the IMAX film Mysteries of Egypt

From the producers of the King Tut exhibition and for a limited time only, the Cleopatra Exhibit is open through Jan. 6, 2013.

 Click here for ticket information.

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