MARS - Why Earthlings are So-o-o Obsessed!

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Friday, August 3, 7:30 - 9:00pm
MARS - Why Earthlings are So-o-o Obsessed!

It’s clear we earthlings just can’t get enough of the Red Planet. Join us for Mars phenom-fun as we talk about it and watch some sci-fi with KPCC’s Sanden Totten, The Planetary Society’s Bruce Betts and JPL’s Luther Beegle and Michael Uslan.

Mars… the Red Planet fascinates scientists, kids, sci-fi writers, geeks of all kinds, and you and me. For thousands of years it was a symbol of war and aggression. When canal-like markings were seen on the surface in the 1880s, many thought the planet was inhabited by an alien race that might invade Earth. Orson Welles capitalized on this fear with “War of the Worlds,” his radio play that scared millions who believed that Mars creatures had really landed on the East Coast. This small red planet continues to figure large in popular culture – just watch “Big Bang Theory,” years of Star Trek episodes, and the 1960s’ “My Favorite Martian.” As Curiosity searches the planet’s surface, our imaginations are fired even more with possibilities of what the Rover might discover. It’s clear we earthlings just can’t get enough of the Red Planet. Guests: Sanden Totten, reporter for KPCC Bruce Betts, director of projects, The Planetary Society Luther Beegle, research scientist/group supervisor for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Michael Uslan, executive producer of every major Batman film since 1989, including “The Dark Knight Rises”; his memoir, “The Boy Who Loved Batman,” was published in 2011. For more information of The Uslan Company, click HERE.

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