NEXT: Innovation + Creativity = Abundance?

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Thursday, September 27, 7:00 - 8:30pm
NEXT: Innovation + Creativity = Abundance?

Video by Jason Georges/KPCC

Mat Kaplan, host of SCPR’s program series, NEXT: People | Science | Tomorrow, Dr. Kelsey Martin, UCLA professor of biological chemistry, and Stephen Kotler, co-author fo "Abundance--The Future Is Better Than You Think" in conversation.

Is it a great big, beautiful tomorrow or a chilling collision of science and tech that stifles the human race? Steven Kotler thinks the possibilities are infinitely positive. He and co-author Peter Diamandis, entrepreneur and X-Prize creator, have written the bestselling "Abundance--The Future Is Better Than You Think." It is an exhilarating extrapolation of science and technology trends that may point to an unparalleled era of plentiful energy, food, clean air, water and human fulfillment. Ray Kurzweil, inventor and futurist, calls their theory “a powerful antidote to today’s malaise and pessimism.” Yet others see the convergence of these same advances as a threat to our very existence. Mat Kaplan, host of SCPR’s program series, NEXT: People | Science | Tomorrow, and UCLA professor of biological chemistry, Dr. Kelsey Martin, welcomed Kotler for a virtual conversation about our destiny.


Mat Kaplan, host of Planetary Radio for The Planetary Society

Steven Kotler, co-author, "Abundance--The Future Is Better Than You Think;" co-founder and director of research at the Flow Genome Project, an international organization devoted to putting flow state research on a hard science footing; co-founder of the New Mexico-based Rancho de Chihuahua dog sanctuary.

Kelsey Martin, MD PhD, Professor and Chair, UCLA Dept. of Biological Chemistry; Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences; Eleanor Leslie Term Chair in Innovative Brain Research


NEXT: People | Science | Tomorrow -- the Crawford Family Forum’s new series on the convergence of science, technology and society - an exploration of the future of civilization, the human species, and our place in the universe. The series is hosted by Mat Kaplan of Planetary Radio.

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