The Wooden Floor: "Sunrise"

This event took place on:
Thursday, May 30, 8pm - Saturday, June 1, 10pm
The Wooden Floor- Sunrise

The Wooden Floor- Sunrise

The Wooden Floor marks its 30th anniversary of changing lives through dance with a powerful collaboration between three internationally?recognized choreographers and under?served youth, yielding work that is original, inventive, and distinctive.

You can leave your expectations at the door, and experience contemporary dance that seeks to break down the stereotypes of who can create great art.

It is a performance that’s meant  to be every bit as meaningful for the audience as it is for the dancers.

Event Info

8:00pm - Thursday, May 30

8:00pm - Friday, May 31 - Make it an Arts Night Out! 

2:30pm - Saturday, June 1

8:00pm - Saturday, June 1

About the sponsor:
The Wooden Floor's mission is to empower low-income youth from diverse backgrounds to strengthen self-esteem, self-discipline and a sense of accomplishment through dance, academic, and family programs.

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