Lummis Day

This event took place on:
Sunday, June 2, 10:30am - 7:00pm
Highlights from Lummis Day 2012

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Music, dance and poetry representing a rainbow of cultural traditions were presented at the seventh annual Lummis Day Festival, Sunday, June 3. The multi-site Festival, one of L.A.'s signature cultural events.

The 8th annual Lummis Day Festival takes place Sunday, June 2. The multi-site Festival, one of L.A.’s signature cultural events, runs from 10:30am-7:00pm.

The main stages for Lummis Day’s performances will again be located at Heritage Square Museum (3800 Homer Street), where home-grown Northeast L.A. music, dance, food and community resources will be presented amid many of the area's historic buildings. Some of the historic buildings at Heritage Square Museum will be available to festival-goers via docent-led tours.

As always, the two-part Festival’s opening morning event will take place at Lummis Home (200 East Avenue 43), where the day begins at 10:30 AM with readings by critically acclaimed poets. The Lummis Home site will also feature music, art exhibits and refreshments. The Festival’s art exhibit will continue at Lummis Home until 5pm while performances—music, dance—and community activities shift to nearby Heritage Square Museum, beginning at 12:30pm. Visitors to Lummis Home can enjoy the interior of the century-old home, influenced by mission architecture and the dwellings of the Pueblo Indians, and can stroll through the beautiful native plant gardens that surround the building.

The Lummis Day Festival is presented by the Lummis Day Community Foundation, which celebrates the arts, history and ethnic diversity of Northeast Los Angeles through educational and cultural events. 

More information at their website.

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