TEDxChapmanU: Icons, Geniuses & Mavericks

This event took place on:
Tuesday, June 4, 1:00 - 5:30pm

A willingness to ask big questions and seek new solutions is what drives the innovators, the risk-takers and the dreamers among us.

This year, TEDxChapmanU welcomes figures they consider extraordinary game-changers, challengers and thought-leaders to the stage at the university's historic Memorial Hall. You can be inspired by their ideas and courage, and share your passions and aspirations with other Icons, Geniuses & Mavericks.

Event Info
714-997-6661 / tedx@chapman.edu

About the sponsor:
Like TED, the TEDxChapmanU event provides an opportunity to hear “Ideas Worth Spreading” from icons, geniuses and mavericks.

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