The 24 Hour Project/Workshop: A new world of social photography

This event took place on:
Sunday, June 9, 1:30 - 5:00pm
The 24 Hour Project Announcement

The 24 Hour Project

A selection of photographs from The 24 Hour Project, a global experiment in street photography.

The 24 Hour Project is the world's largest collective street photography experiment. On March 23, a select group of 50 photographers fanned out across 43 cities globally. They were tasked to take photos of city life for 24 hours straight and post their best from each hour to Instagram with the hashtag #24HR13. As they went through the day, hundreds more joined them in cities around the world.

Eight photographers joined us to talk about making images with everything from a mobile phone to a film camera on the streets of the cities where they live.

The 24 Hour Project/Workshop is about learning how to take better pictures and meeting other photographers. Mobile phones have created a new world of social photography where images bounce around the globe instantly. Sharing and participating is the foundation of this new world.

We discussed how to use your mobile phone or any camera to take better pictures. We explored street photography strategies. We talked about how to choose the perfect picture to share with the world and how to make that picture look its best. Then, we touched on new and evolving ways to share your photos with the world.



Samuel Smotherman @whittiersam
Renzo Grande @aliveinnyc


Benjamin Heath @benjaminheath
Koci Hernandez @koci
Tammy George @punkrawkpurl
Travis Jensen @travisjensen
Tony Marquez @shoeboxtony
Brad Puet @bradpuet
Robert Stacy @visualwhiplash_


KPCC Visual Journalist Grant Slater @grantslater


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