Freeway Rick Ross: LA’s ex-crack king and his Hollywood dream

This event took place on:
Thursday, June 27, 7:30 - 9:00pm
Freeway Rick Ross


Join Freeway Rick Ross and award-winning journalist/author Jesse Katz at the Crawford Family Forum for a LIVE conversation with KPCC’s Jose Luis Jiménez.

Freeway Rick Ross grew up in South Los Angeles and became one of the city's biggest crack cocaine dealers in the 1980s. After spending nearly two decades in prison, he’s back on the streets of L.A. pursuing new deals—this time in Hollywood.

On Thursday, June 27, Freeway Rick Ross and award-winning journalist/author Jesse Katz joined us at the Crawford Family Forum for a conversation with KPCC’s Jose Luis Jiménez. They sat down to talk about Katz’s most recent piece on Freeway Rick, the drug trade’s lingering regional impact, and Freeway Rick's abiding conviction that success is his future.

Jesse Katz is a Pulitzer Prize finalist ('93, L.A. street gangs beat reporting) and contributor to Pulitzer-winning coverage at the Los Angeles Times ('93, '95).  He is also the recipient of many other regional and national awards.

Katz has written about Freeway Rick several times since meeting him in 1994; his most recent piece, "Freeway Rick Is Dreaming", is in Los Angeles Magazine's June 2013 issue.



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